The revolution is now elasticized. (You're welcome.)

Bammies, a new made-in-Miami fashion line, is delivering elevated comfort to women.

Bammies ("business + jammies") is a core collection of comfortable, chic style staples that minimizes morning decision fatigue, allowing busy women to easily and aptly dress for all of the various appointments they have in one day -- from that breakfast meeting to the office to a networking cocktail and beyond.

Founded by Rosario Chozas and Julia Ford-Carther, a couple of multi-passionate entrepreneurs fueled by a zeal for female empowerment, Bammies embodies a movement that utilizes fashion as a vehicle through which they can feel comfortable in their own skin.




As a heart-centered entrepreneur, Rosario Chozas has developed a decade-long career that spans her various passions of fashion, tech, and content production, all with a singular focus of empowering women.

After gaining invaluable experience in the advertising world as a wardrobe stylist working with clients such as Unilever, HSBC, and Buenos Aires Fashion Week, Chozas co-launched Maison Aubele in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a design institute that offered personal image, styling and fashion color theory courses to female entrepreneurs and professionals. Chozas developed and implemented the institute’s unique course curriculum, which featured innovative workshops that promoted positive self-perception through an intelligent wardrobe. 

Simultaneously, Chozas founded the White Professional Color Lab, a personal image color consultancy that serviced clients such as L’Oreal, FOX Latin America, IBM, Kraft Foods, The Style Institute (Peru), and fashion designer Benito Fernandez.

After a move to Miami, Chozas added the title of “producer” to her multi-passionate background while contributing to Fashion One TV’s extensive library of global Fashion Week coverage, and quickly made a foray into tech.

Most recently, as producer and director, Chozas oversees the management of Women, Innovation & Technology (WIT), a summit she co-founded and implemented at the renowned eMerge Americas tech conference in Miami, Florida. Through WIT and its monthly community activations, Chozas is shaping an evolving community that empowers and connects women in tech.

Today, Chozas is furthering her mission of supporting and empowering women through various businesses and projects included co-founding Bammies, a contemporary women’s RTW line that promotes realistic and great-feeling fashion; the regional launch of a Vital Voices chapter; The Jewels Productions, a content and media production studio that’s currently developing an interview series of female community leaders and change-makers for SLF Media; and her F*ck The Fork movement that challenges the way society views women’s career and life choices.


Julia Ford-Carther is an EQ expert, coach and founder of both SLF Media, a user-engaged media network, and The Self-Love Formula, a digital media platform that delivers modern lifestyle content for Millennial women via entertaining and empowering channels. 

At SLF Media, Julia creates user-engaged media that directly connects brands with their desired audience. Over at The Self-Love Formula, in addition to the daily content she produces alongside her awesome community of contributors, Julia also recently launched a next-gen online talk show series, “Real Talk: The show that celebrates you for being, not just doing” in which she interviews real Millennial women about meaningful life topics. Through her show, Julia gives every woman the platform she needs to express who she truly is while engaging in honest conversations about being who you want.

As an EQ expert and dating coach, Julia has helped women increase their emotional intelligence, vocalize how they truly want to feel in an ideal relationship, identify self-sabotaging dating patterns, and break down baffling boy behavior.

All in all, Julia is fueled by helping women identify who they are by way of how they want to FEEL; creating content and platforms through which they can explore these feelings and apply them to areas of everyday life like dating, fashion, career, etc.; and thus, change the conversation women have with themselves, as well as the conversation brands have with this female demographic.

Prior to all of this, and with a B.A. in Communication from Stanford University, Julia had developed a robust career in media covering lifestyle topics for publications such as Allure magazine, The Huffington Post,, and Ocean Drive magazine. She has served on various dating and media panels; and has been featured in EBONY and Aventura magazines, CBS Miami, Racked Miami, That Working Girl, and others.