At BAMMIES, we want to provide women with capsule collections that serve up the options they not only need, but that they rightfully deserve.

A selection of essential pieces created for every body type meant to fit well all day, every day. Who said efficient can’t also be elegant?


COMFORT REIMAGINED // No sweatpants or frump, relaxed pieces with elegance in mind.

UNLIMITED CHOICES // Capsule collections that fit and match at every hour of the day, making getting ready in the morning a breeze.

NO HARDWARE // Elastic waistbands for life.

ALL-INCLUSIVE SIZING // With pieces that go up to 4XL, the sky’s the limit.

SMART DRESSING // Machine washable, perfect for travel and made in the US.


We started BAMMIES out of necessity. As women, we know that in the world of comfortable business attire, the pickings are slim. Looking good in what you wear shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing on how you feel. After years of presentations, meetings, and busy work days, we were tired of letting tight and itchy clothes fly. So in 2015, we made a leap and after testing out a LOT of elastics and comfy fabrics, the first capsule collection was born in 2016.

"I CAN" (Collection 01) was inspired by the women who made us feel supported as we embarked on our entrepreneurial journey. It set the precedent for what we want BAMMIES to provide to all women everywhere: comfortable clothing that still makes you feel bangin’. Later that same year "I FEEL" (Collection 02) was created, a collection built around letting what you wear speak from your heart. Because clothes shouldn’t keep you from expressing yourself freely.

Collection 03 "I CREATE" is a manifestation of the power of creation and a handful of idols who have harnessed that power into something absolutely magical. We hope BAMMIES and our collections help you eliminate the things that hold you back from working at and feeling your absolute best. Being comfortable in your own skin is what makes you beautiful, but why not look good while you’re at it?

*Cheers to you, doing you!*