10 Crucial Life Lessons for Your 20s and 30s


1. Remember, the world is your oyster and you are the pearl. Treat yourself as such. Do it in a loving, positive way that serves as an excellent example of a human being.

2. Enjoy your body while you’ve got it.

Our bodies are complex and magnificent. Miraculous, really. Yet every woman I’ve ever known has wasted countless years at war with her own, only to look back on photos of herself from her youth and say, “I can’t believe I thought I was fat/ugly/imperfect!”

3. Celebrate the positives. 

We’re only here for a short time. Do well with what you’re given. If your skin is firm and jubilant, treasure it for the moment. If you have issues of one kind or another, don’t fret! You’re right on target. Those obstacles? Standard early-adult rights of passage. There are plenty of ways to address them. The perfect solution is out there for you.

4. Age gratefully.

My generation has caused you to see a need for Botox, fillers and other injectables. Try to disregard that memo. Do not stress yourself with an “anti-aging” regimen. Take care of yourself and your skin but think of it as only that. Call it something fun like ‘Moisturizing My Mug’ or ‘Diva Doting’. Focusing on not aging when you’re not even fully aged will only cause you panic.

5. Confidence can’t be built with plastic or any other kind of artifice.

But it can be taken away by it. The answers to your insecurities, whatever they may be, are not at the end of a surgeon’s scalpel. Many of the negative effects of a surgery are permanent and the positives are not. Know that going in. The areas where you feel strong and confident can become polluted by feeling badly about yourself. And the most irreversible bad feelings I have witnessed were when folks paid to have something “fixed” and the results weren’t as they imagined.

6. Make gratitude your attitude.

The best way to improve your life is to improve your attitude. About everything. One of the best ways to do that is to see how good we’ve got it. There’s a big, wide world out there. Go see it, experience it, savor it. Even if you can’t fly to Nepal or Taiwan, explore your own back yard. Help some people. Learn, grow, create, explore. The more you experience other people and their lives, the less it will matter who is prettiest.

7. Nourish your body. 

Find some high-quality health foods that you love and eat them regularly. Your body will thrive and thank you for it. Eat well 80% of the time, and the other 20%? Eh, enjoy whatever you want.

8. Be active. 

Discover what activities excite and highlight your amazing body and do them. Enough that you get about 10,000 steps a day on a pedometer. It will keep your mind honed and your body toned.

9. Celebrate your style. 

It’s an everyday way to express who you are and rock your confidence. Find your fashion comfort zone and #workit. And be sure to kick things up a notch every now and then with a little extra zing.

10. Have fun. 

Enjoy life. Be lighthearted, for goodness sakes. That starts with having a sense of humor. Begin by laughing at yourself. That’s always cool.

Mad love to you all. You’re gonna be great.