11 Ways to Feel More You on IWD2016


It's International Women's Day, peeps! The way I see it, this day is about celebrating who we are, where we've come from, where we're going, and who's coming with us. I'm just so inspired and elated and joyful watching all the #IWD2016 goodness exploding around the Interwebz today.

For International Women's Day, I've teamed up with U by Kotex and Sweet Spot Labs who remind us of our power. Period. (WINK.) How do we do that? Unapologetically be who we are, stand in our truth, do what we love. Feel more you.

So today, I give you a list of 11 ways you can do just that, ways to feel more you. Happy #IWD2016!

  1. Set some boundaries.

    [link back to a previous post] Time to start honoring what you want, yeah? If you need to start carving out some more "me" time, get used to saying no. There are only 24 hours in a day, and some (most) of those should be dedicated to who and want you want to be spending time on. And don't feel guilty about it--if you were to show up to something for which you sacrificed your "me" time and felt drained, you're not giving 100% you anyway. Your "me" time behooves everyone.

  2. Forget FOMO.

    It's not a real thing. For every one AH-MAY-ZING pic your friend posts, there are 23 hours-worth of ugly meals, Netflix screenshots, and dog walking. Focus on building a fulfilling life FOR YOU, not according to what others are doing.

  3. Get moving.

    Exercise. It's a good thing. There are benefits. You know the story. But for real, it will clear your head, provide you with inspiration, make you feel strong, and make you stop thinking and get out of your head for an hour. A lot can be done in that 60 minutes of air time.

  4. Develop a bomb-ass relationship with yourself.

    Spend some time alone. Figure out what makes you feel alive. Do more of that. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  5. Treat yo' self. 

    Self care is the best care. No one's going to treat you better than you treat yourself. So be generous with your gorgeous self. Massages, facials, reading time, tea, naps, mani/pedi, whatever floats your boat.

  6. Go with the flow.

    Life (and people) doesn't always do what you want it to. Know that it's working out in your best interest, and keep on keepin' on towards your goals no matter what gets tossed your way. That's what we like about brands like U by Kotex and Sweet Spot Labs that understand what women juggle all in one day--from business meetings to child care to networking, dating, working out, friend time and "me" time--and support us at each step, no matter what we're cycling through. We all need cheerleaders. (Read below for a special #IWD2016 thank you from these two female-friendly brands.)

  7. Say yes.

    Some of you won't need this advice. You're REAL familiar with the Yes. But for those of you who get wayyyy too cozy in your comfort zone, you need to step up your Yes game and do more things you normally would shut down without cause. And perhaps read Shonda Rhimes' Year of Yes.

  8. Dream bigger.

    Does your 5-year dream scare you? Does your 20-year dream scare you? Does what you're going to do tomorrow scare you? No? Then you're not dreaming big enough. Push the envelope.

  9. Figure out how you want to feel in life.

    [Bonus: Don't know how? Here's a worksheet that will help you do just that.Then spend time reconfiguring your social, career, and love setup to reflect that. If a guy doesn't make you feel the way you want to feel in a relationship, BYE FELICIA. If your career doesn't light up your core feelings, develop an exit plan and go after one that will. Do your friends and family make you feel less than your 100% of how you want to feel? Then they deserve less than 100% of your effort and time. Manage the relationships accordingly.

  10. Help someone else do the above.

    Nothing will get you more in tune with who you are than guiding another to where they want to be. You have a lot of wisdom to share with another individual, so offer it up. Offer your support. You'd be amazed at how your needs will be reflected back to you (and satisfied) by helping another woman (or man) through hers (or his).

  11. Be grateful.

    Honor all the women, men, four-legged friends and sentient rocks who helped you get to where you are. Find the lessons in the love and struggle they provided you with (hey, not every relationship can be comin' up roses, but it was still a benefit to you.). Forgive them for what they didn't give you that you wished they would have. And remember what it's like to love them deeply despite it all.

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