15 Quick Insights On How To Win At Dating & Relationships


It's dating advice without the fluff. Here, 15 quick-n-dirty insights that matter: As soon as you walk away from a relationship that is not serving you, the one that will can find you. Literally, AS SOON AS. Now get to steppin'.

Minimize your unrealistic expectations. He can be your everything, but he cannot be your mentor, biffle, shopping pal, gossip queen, therapist, boo, maid, pizza delivery, baby daddy, partner in crime, drinking buddy, AND personal sex doll.

Think about him as much as he thinks about you.

Consideration is key.

Just because you're madly in love with him with every cell of your body doesn't mean you're supposed to spend your life with him.

The answer lies in the Why.

Goal digging is sexy. Mine your heart while you're digging for those goals.

You can't expect to change the dynamic of a relationship in the middle of it. Be your authentic self in the beginning, and you shouldn't run into this problem later on. Plus, you'll get the relationship you ACTUALLY want and need, not the one you think you do.

Don't let the romance die.

Being vulnerable really isn't all that bad. It really just goes back to the old adage, Ask and ye shall receive.

When he says he'll change, he won't. If he wanted to, he would have.

God bless the photographer-boyfriends of fashion bloggers everywhere. You guys are the true heroes.

Let him in.

You actually CAN have it all, just maybe not all at the same time. And for the love, stop worrying about trying to give it your all, all of the time. That definitely ain't happening.

When all else fails, just add vodka.