15 Stages of Your Dating Life in Gifs


When a hottie approaches me with confidence:

When you first ask me out and suggest a "group hang":

liz lemon tina fey eye roll

When you only text. And never call:

When you text me and I don't text you back and you KEEP TEXTING:

When you first reach out after our first date:

When you ask me out for Saturday night plans:

When I haven't heard from you for WEEKS and then you randomly  like my Instagram post:

When you post some cryptic Facebook status that I'm inevitably making about me:

When you put a label on it:

When you first spend the night:

When we get in our first fight and you communicate effectively:

When you make sure my friends are taken care of:

When you ask me to move in and mean it:

The office gif

When you continually support my career, dreams, ambitions, goals:

When you handle shiz for us: