3 Easy—No, Really—Steps to Save Stressed Skin


Stressed out? Man, who isn’t these days? Between the time managing, and the multi-passionate entrepreneur-ing, the dating, the socializing, the saving the world-ing, and the tweeting, Instagramming, and pinning to make sure it all counts, there’s a lot of pressure on your nervous system. And stress can be a huge problem when it comes to breaking out. Stress screws with your hormones, and that’s the lovely culprit behind those pesky inflamed pores and whiteheads that just won't seem to freaking go away.

So, as you can imagine, one major key to better-looking skin—like, legit glowing—is less stress.

I, of all people, should know. My once-perfect pores were wrecked recently by a never-ending months-long period of chronic stress, which caused chronic breakouts. Which caused more chronic stress. Ugh. They were not kidding. That stuff will kill ya.

Enter dermatological dream Tammy Fender, an angel of an aesthetician with a line of holistic, effective, plant-based products that will cure any epidermal ailment.

I’ve been obsessed with Tammy Fender’s products for years, having religiously reordered her Firming Eye Gel every three months or so.

So when I got the chance, I sauntered into her West Palm Beach spa for a facial of a lifetime, and some expert tips on how to save and soothe stressed skin.

Here, Tammy’s foolproof steps to save stressed skin:

  1. Breathe.

"Our cells need two things to thrive: nutrients and oxygen. Sometimes, all you need to remember to do is stop and breathe."

  1. Go outside and get back to nature.

"Every time we hear birds chirping or feel wind and breeze or hear water, it recalibrates our system."

  1. Check in.

"Ask yourself, ‘Does this feel good or not? Does this benefit me or not?’"

Manage the stress, beat the breakouts. Oh, and of course slather on a layer of Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm to help calm redness and heal any scarring you may experience post-breakout. It’s good stuff. As you know, I have little tolerance for ineffective products. Basically, it’s gotta work overnight—or close to it—to make me stick with it. Tammy’s Intensive Repair Balm (and pretty much all of her insanely effective natural products) pass our stringent test. Heal on with your bad self.