3 Men You'll Meet At The Gym And What It's Like To Date Them


If you want to know what your man and therefore your relationship is made of, work out with him. Does he get up at the ass-crack of dawn for that 6:30 AM-er? Good for him. He gets a blue ribbon for showing up. It's what he does in the hour that follows that matters. That is what can tell you everything you need to know about the kind of person he is. I've broken down the types of dudes and how they sweat and what that means about they're dedication to you and your potential relationship.


The Slacker

This is the guy that wears all the right gear, shows up on time, and looks super legit and ready to go HAM in front of the class. But when it gets going, he's the first one to tap out, taking a breather almost immediately. And we haven't even gotten out of the warmup yet...

For the rest of class, he slides into a steady routine of one baby micro-movement, rest for 20 seconds, another baby micro-movement, rest for another 30 seconds. Eye roll. At this point, you're pretty sure this guy is just here for the free water.

This guy's frequent infrequency is is so distracting and ridiculous that it's effing up your own flow.

God forbid you get down to the nitty-gritty and the burn starts to set in and sweat is running down into your eyes and you can't see because it stings so bad. What's he going to do then?

And the same can be said of your relationship. When the going gets tough or even wants to just get going, how is he going to handle it? Is he going to support you, or is he going to be worried about any amount of effort he has to put forth?

Physical distress is considerably less irritating and painful than its emotional component. If he can't see a workout through to the end, what's going to be his approach to your relationship? These are things to consider.


The Routine Doer

This guy hits the gym every single day, at the same time of day, doing the same exact thing, for the same amount of time. Hail, wind, snow, rain, sunshine, hurricanes, blizzard, tsunami, earthquake, Donald Trump's presidential run--it does not matter what shit storm is happening outside, this guy is getting his workout in.

On the surface, he seems dedicated and healthy, and for all intents and purposes, this is a good thing. And don't get us wrong, working out in general is always a positive (unless you're taking it to addicted, anorexic levels…).

But understand that, just like his workouts, the rest of his life is routine also. Good luck trying to get this guy to deviate from his norm in any way (hello, boring?). To be spontaneous. To think outside the box. To be creative. Why is creativity important, you say? It comes up in many aspects of your relationship. Especially when things get sticky. Think about it. In an argument, this guy is going to be very rigid and perhaps stick to only what he knows and not be open to another person's point of view.  If this goes long term, and something unfortunate happens, as life usually dictates, like he loses a job or gets sick, his rigidity could prevent him from entertaining new ways to find income (even if that means being underemployed for a time) or alternative healing methods. This can be a real strain on the relationship, leaving you to pick up where he left off and carry the relationship. A-no thanks.


The Naysayer 

You being the rock star that you are, spend your whole life saying I CAN. And even when you believe that you can't, the way you get through it is reminding yourself that you CAN. So you don't need a guy who spends the whole 60 minutes of a rather insignificant physical challenge (in the grand scheme of things--I mean, c'mon, it's a freaking work out ) saying, "I can't, I can't I can't." So With him? You just can't.


And what if your dude doesn't work out? Girl. He's not taking great physical care of himself, which means he's probably not very healthy physically, so I'm going to go out on a limb and extrapolate and say he's probably not very healthy mentally and emotionally either. So. There's your answer. And that's all I have to say about that.

It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our life, it's what we do consistently. - Tony Robbins.