3 Plant-Based Beauty Products That Actually Work


We love skincare technology. Boy, do we ever. But the chemicals they're sometimes laden with are the pits. So we try our best to keep the parabens, BHT, and other unpronounceable ingredients off our faces. The downside to this, sometimes, is that natural, plant-based formulas don't brighten, tighten, and lighten with the best of them. Except for a chosen few. We've combed through a lot of what's out there - like, a lot - and while some do a decent job, we weren't interested in decent. We wanted the best, and what was best for us, too. Here's what we've come up with, a few plant-based beauty products that actually work. You're welcome.  

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

French brand Caudalie has made a name for itself using its viniferine, a proprietary ingredient from grapevine sap that the company claims is 62 times more effective than vitamin C at lightening dark spots, brightening skin and evening out complexion. Consider us intrigued. The newest addition to the line is a radiance-boosting tinted moisturizer. Lightening ingredients, SPF protection, and soft pigment that provides a perfect-for-summer barefaced makeup look? Sign us up. Obviously we wish there were more color options, but blending is always an option.


Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes

We've had our dalliances with many an eye cream. Most get tossed within two pumps of ineffectiveness (same could be said of our online dates...), but this one had us paying attention. We noticed an instant smoothing, perhaps due to the hyaluronic acid that draws moisture to the skin. Arnica and vitamin K tag team up on dark circles, and the lovely creamy texture blends easily and didn't disrupt our obsessive use of under-eye concealer.


Tammy Fender Skin Tone Brightening System

Another gem from our fave Tammy Fender, a holistic celebrity aesthetician who's been killing it in the natural-beauty-product game for 20+ years, which means she's not about trends but truth. The Skin Tone Brightening System is one of our must-have lightening products. Step 1 is an Activating Serum that goes on after cleansing and toning. This lightweight serum, which is great for oily, combination and acnaic skin, btw, does the deed with vitamin-C-packed Indian Alma gooseberry and ferulic acid, an antioxidant that prevents UV damage. Follow that up with Step 2, the Pigment Protecting Moisturizer with proven pigmentation inhibitor licorice root. Awake to lighter dark spots and a brighter complexion, easy.