3 Ridic Easy-To-Use At-Home Beauty Devices We Love

Enough hyphenates in that title for ya? Gets the point across, though, doesn't it? We've been dabbling in some devices, namely at-home beauty devices that bring the doctor's office to you. From lasers to infrared light and highly concentrated chemical peels, there are just some things that are worth going to see your trusty derm or medi spa. But with as awesome as technology is getting today, turns out you may not need to make the trip. We've had our pulse on the latest in DIY dermatology-grade beauty treatments for some time now. First it was laser hair removal, back when only the blondes could do it (remember when?). Then came the Clairsonic, which we never really sure was making that much of a difference. And then we hopped on the Baby Quasar bandwagon for a bit.

Now, we're revisiting the space, since our skin is at an age where it could most certainly benefit. A little Fraxel here, a little laser there. NBD.

What were our criteria? Well, for one, we're lazy. Maybe it's not so much laziness, as it is a simple matter of, at the end of the day, after running around kicking ass at about 1,800 things, we're running around handling our at-home life (walking the dog, laundry, cooking dinner, firing up the Netflix...), and we're freaking TIRED. And the last -- and we mean, THE LAST -- thing we want to be bothered with is sitting around incapacitated because we have to take 30 minutes to magically stimulate toddler-aged cell growth, or micro-puncture our way back to our youth. Ah, no thanks. We needed to be able to multitask while treating.

We also wanted this to be wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am fast. Like, hit-it-and-quit-it fast. As in, Uber has been requested and this needs to be over before driver is en route.

They also needed to be budget-friendly (cuz good wine ain't cheap).

And they also needed to work without us hating the process.

So we found the below. We're still testing them out, but these are the three we're currently using to take the edge off the minimal Resting B*tch Face lines and dark spots that have taken up residence on our face.

For those of us that realllly don't like to waste the hours it takes to traipse to the blow dry bar, derm's office, or nail salon [RAISES HAND], these are a handheld wet dream.

The product: Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser

The technology: Fraxel laser (one that's a wee bit gentler in strength so that it can effectively treat the delicate eye area) penetrates the skin's surface to create micro zones of "cellular disruption" that kickstarts the cellular healing process. Your body is tricked into thinking there's a wound to heal, so it sends extra collagen and elastin to the rescue.

The price: $249

The commitment: 2 minutes a day (1 minute per eye) for 8 weeks

Why we like it: Considering how not-so-pleasant this feels, we are grateful that the treatment time is only 1 minute per eye. Apparently you get used to the sensation (imagine what it'd feel like to have a needle prick you over and over on the same area of skin for a minute. Yep.). We're still waiting for that to happen. But it's still totally manageable. And the minute is over before you even know it. The device shuts off on its own, and you rejoice. And, considering an in-office Fraxel treatment series can cost you thousands, we're down with the price point. Just make sure to follow with a moisturizing eye cream.


The product: Foreo Luna cleanser

The technology: T-Sonic transdermal sonic pulsation that delivers 8,000 pulsations per minute through a gentle tapping motion that dislodges dirt and makeup from skin and cleanses deeply without stretching or pulling and ruining the elasticity of the skin

The price: $199

The commitment: 2 minutes; use it every day like you normally would when washing your face morning and night

Why we like it: The medical-grade, non-porous silicone makes it super easy to keep this device clean, which is super important for its effectiveness. It doesn't harbor bacteria and dries quickly. Also, there are various devices for different skin types, ranging from ultra-sensitive (think post-op) to combination and normal, and there's even one specifically for the fellas. We also love that it shuts off after 3 minutes, in case you'd like to wash for longer than the recommended 2 minutes, or wash for 2 and then anti-age for 1, which brings us to... It's also a two-in-one device. Once you're done cleansing, you can flip the thing over and, using a lower pulsation, massage the areas of your face that you feel need a little pick-me-up and/or a wrinkle-smoothing once-over. Oh, and you get about 6 months of use before you have to recharge it (and no need to ever replace the head).



The product: Illumask Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask

The technology: LED light therapy that includes blue light that kills bacteria cells and red light that reduces inflammation and redness

The price: $29.95

The commitment: 15 minutes once a day (mask lasts for 30 days before you need to buy a refill battery)

Why we like it: I'M SORRY, THIRTY DOLLARS?! That's how we keep our bank accounts functioning and our wine glasses full. That, and the previous version of this mask didn't have eye holes. This one does, thank GOD. Because there are dishwashers to be loaded and blog posts to be published while we turn back the clock. Plus, treatment's done in record time, and replacement batteries cost about $25.