3 Ways To Handle Body Insecurities

Let's get real for a moment. 

We all have body insecurities and want to hide our unflattering parts. All women (and men) wish they could change something about their bodies. 

This is normal and one day we must accept that all of our flaws make us just as beautiful as all of our gifts. 

Imperfections make us human and eventually we will learn to embrace them.

In the meantime, we have a few tips to help you deal with your insecurities and give you a little boost of confidence when you need it.

1.) Google Your Body Shape

With knowledge comes power. Try typing "how to find my body shape" into Google and read all the helpful articles that come up on how to dress your body type.

It won't be perfect, but it's a good start to learning how to find universal tricks to make sure you always look your best.

As you look through all the posts and articles, you'll start to gain a better understanding if those cropped pants work for or against you. 

2.) Avoid Bright Colors and Patterns On The Parts You Want To Hide

Once you identify your body shape, hone in on what parts of your body you don't feel as comfortable showing off and start embellishing the parts of your body you do enjoy.

Avoid bright colors, prints, heavy fabrics and textures on the areas you want to hide and wear them around the areas you want to accentuate.

Don't like your legs, but love your neck? Wear neutral pants and a bright colored necklace.

Want to flaunt your hips? Wear a shirt with ruffles or flaps at the bottom.

Use colors and prints to make it easier for others to focus on the parts you want them to.  

3.) Stop Body-Shaming Yourself

Limit the negative self-talk everytime you look in the mirror!


For 30 days, take a second, look in the mirror and say aloud, "I love my _____." It could be your eyes, hair, beauty marks, neck, back, arms....anything!

In the beginning, it will feel awkward because we are so used to only focusing on the negatives.

Eventually, it will get easier and you will start to notice random parts of yourself you find beautiful like your eyelashes or back dimples.

The key is start noticing them.

So although we all have parts we wish we could change on our bodies, it's important to remember that our insecurities don't define who we are. Love yourself!  


Yamilette AyalaComment