3 Ways to Handle Stress That You Haven’t Tried Yet


In 1964, February was officially declared American Heart Month by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

You might be asking yourself what does this fact have to do with a fashion line?

Well, did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States and almost two-thirds of women who suffer from coronary heart disease have no previous symptoms.

We are definitely not health experts, but at BAMMIES we take stress very seriously. And stress can lead to unhealthy hearts.

That’s why our collections are designed to help women to easily and aptly dress herself for all occasions without incurring any more stress.

We know every single one of customers live crazy, busy lives.

Our mission from day one has always been to support ambitious, powerful women to streamline her closet so she can feel comfortable and confident.

We want to help women get back to doing what she is best at: being AMAZING!

So if our goal is to help women to live less stressful lives fashionably, what are some helpful things to think about on how to deal with inevitable stress?

First, figure out what in your life is causing you so much stress and anxiety.

Are you rushing in the morning to get dressed, feed the kids and commute to work?

Or are you a serial procrastinator?

If so, it’s time to organize and plan your life so you don’t get burnt out making sooo many rushed decisions.

Second, have an honest conversation with yourself and reflect on how you really handle stress.

Do you do something productive like go to the gym or read a book?

Or do you engage in destructive behaviors like drinking a whole bottle of wine by yourself or take out your stress on your loved ones?

Once we identify the patterns of how we handle stress, we can learn which behaviors we should keep and which ones we should change.

Third, observe your mindset and environment when under stress.

Do you beat yourself up more than necessary when you are stressed out?

Or do you view stress as a positive challenge to overcome?

Are you taking the time to keep your office and home organized in order to eliminate clutter and free up your mind?

As women, we can sometimes get stuck in whatever is causing us stress.

It’s important to recognize negative self-talk and environments and change them into positives as soon as we do.

The sooner we follow these ways to handle stress, the sooner we all can focus on achieving our #lifegoals.

Yamilette AyalaComment