3 YouTube Beauty Gurus You Should Know


Beauty YouTube channels are... captivating. We were never really into them until a coworker suggested we tune in to a contour tutorial as part of our recent Saturday-night party prep. Consider us enlightened. Our contour looked stellar. Our beauty innocence? Took a hit. It's not that we didn't understand the magic of makeup--we've been in the biz a long time. We've run with the beauty bulls backstage at New York Fashion Week, we've watched firsthand as the likes of Mally Roncal and Pat McGrath do their wanded wizardry on runway's most notable faces (hey, Chanel Iman, hey girl). We've interviewed the stylists, tested damn near every product, and tapped into trends.

But, seriously, there is just something next-level about a YouTube how-to.

Maybe it's all the product. Maybe it's the false lashes. But the staggering transformation that some of these people undergo is... well, some of it is kind of terrifying. And also upsetting (is this what we feel compelled to do to feel relevant?). And some of it is cool and beautiful and awesome and artsy. In sum, it can be somewhat of a mindf*ck.

Some of it, however, is downright useful.

We're not about completely redrawing who you are or what you look like. We just want to accentuate what we have. Hell, we're still apprehensive about foundation just as a general concept. But you can use these YouTube beauty gurus to help you solve the beauty brain teasers you've had for years, and help you feel confident in how your present yourself to the world.

Here, the channels we turn to for a refresher course without reaching drag-queen, Barbie-doll or porn-star status.

1) Makeup Game On Point

Who: Jackie Aina

What: Tutorials, behind-the-scenes secrets, color swatches, product reviews, skincare, for women of color, color correcting, positive messaging, inspiration, spirituality

Why: Jackie is real, compassionate, and on-point, as her blog title suggests. As you can imagine, we're all about Jackie using her platform to spread messages of self-worth and healthy self-esteem in between brush strokes. She also always creates perfectly applied looks that can work for a variety of personalities, scenarios and times of day. Not to mention, her festive color combinations keep things interesting, AND her technical how-to's (color correction, stop concealer from creasing, fake an eyebrow wax, etc.) are must-sees.


Where: Blog  



2) TheMakeupChair

Who: Sineady Cady

What: Celebrity looks, day-to-night, tutorials, 5-minute looks, tool tricks, natural beauty, special events

Why: Irish lad and beauty blogger Sineady provides very detailed steps that makes complicated looks and celebrity how-to's easy even for the beginning. She really helps you understand the effects of certain techniques and how to alter those to your liking. If you're new-ish to all this, or are looking to amp up your glam game but are afraid you might poke an eye out, this is your channel.


Where: Blog  



3) BeautyyBird

Who: Yasmine Torres

What: How-to's, tutorials, beauty concerns, getting ready/morning routines, natural styles, daytime glam, fake lashes reviews, events, fashion

Why: Yasmine's natural-looking use of color, lighting and shading makes a serious impact. She can do glam without overdoing it. Yes, she loves her fake lashes long (and they can look pretty darn impressive), but she's honest about her lash love, and instructs you to forgo the lashes for your own at-home attempt, if you'd like. And, even without the lashes, your end result will still be show-stopping.


Where: Blog