4 Life-Saving Accessories Every Woman Should Own

Accessories are the secret to elevating or minimizing the formality of any outfit. Need to seamlessly transition from the office to that after-hours party?

Keep the visual cues of the pieces you’re sporting in mind and make sure you have these four must haves by your desk:


If you’re looking for a handy pair of pumps, settle on the most classic pair you can find. These can be paired with any outfit for any occasion, including cocktail events, meetings, and fancy dinners. Stay away from wedges and chunky heels in bright colors, suede, snakeskin, or other fabrics. Instead, opt for a straightforward pump with no platform in the front.


The go-to elegant purse needs to be clean, classic, and small– either a clutch or small purse with handles. Large bags may be convenient but they won’t do the job of elevating your outfit, as the connotation of carrying a larger purse is that you’re headed to work, the gym, or the beach! Stay away from prints and bright colors, too, as these will tie your purse to a specific fashion trend. Your life-saving purse is a small, black or grey leather find without studs, metallic, or plastic accessories.


 Grace Blazer // BAMMIES

Grace Blazer // BAMMIES

Cardigans and blazers are the ultimate lifesavers, as they can be styled differently and used in various settings. Make sure your life-saving cardigan is a neutral tone and is free of any designs or prints. Going to a last minute meeting or event? Drape a cardi or blazer over your shoulders and rock it with a low bun or pony. You can also button your cardi up and wear the buttons on your back to fake a boat neck sweater look!


Keep several pieces at your desk that make you feel incredible and are as versatile as the others! Opt for neutral colors, metallics, and stones. Classic statement jewelry pieces like emerald earrings, a pearl necklace, or a set of silver or gold bangles will also do the trick! Adding any of these to your outfit will not only make you feel great, but also adds a personal and timeless touch to your style– instantly elevating any look.