4 Things To Do Right Now To Create More Balance In Your Schedule


The other week, I talked about how I've been coming to terms with this thing called balance. It's such a hot topic, I even talked about it yesterday at the Bold & Blissful Woman Summit.

In case you missed it, and since I didn't wanna leave you hanging, here's what I covered in the virtual conference, the 4 things to do right now to create more balance in your life.

When it comes to learning how to execute balance, here's what I've found helps, both professionally and personally:

Feel your way to what you want.

Balance happens when your actions are aligned with your desires. In other words, when your head and your heart are on the same page.

Where is there a disconnect in your life? How can you actively make better decisions that prioritize what you really want in life and how fantastic that will make you feel?

Not totally clear on what this fabulous person who's lovingly staring back at you in the mirror desires most? Then we've got some exploring to do.

What lights you up, makes you smile ‘til your cheeks fall off, and laugh ‘til you can't breathe?

Fun fact: This helps you zero in on what type of guy will help you amplify these feelings should you happen to find yourself in a relationship with him.
Double bonus: If at any point you meet someone who diminishes these feelings or doesn't support them, NOPE. Move on and don't even think twice.

Create boundaries.  

Your time is already limited. It's going to be cut exponentially once you start focusing on creating a love life that's as powerful as the rest of your life.

Setting boundaries, saying no and choosing positive interactions will help you carve out the seemingly invisible space that you need for your awesome love life.

The rest is noise and will fall by the wayside the more focused you are on what makes you feel good and significant.

Disclaimer: In the process, you will not make everybody happy. Acquaintances or "friends" who can't quite grasp what you're trying to accomplish (360-degree greatness, hello!) will criticize you and complain you don't have time for them ever. Don't worry about it.

All you have room for is supporters and people and things that make you feel good. Let that dictate the decisions you make in balancing an amazing life with an amazing dating life and/or relationship, and you will never be led astray.

Invest in what you want.

You know what you want and you've created time for it. Kudos! Time to put in the werk.

If your dating life resembles the main street of Ghost Town, USA, complete with tumbleweeds, or your relationship has run dry, then you need to reallocate your attention and effort.

Yes, a relationship takes time and attention. Yes, effective dating takes time and attention. And yes, you only have 24 hours in a day.

So what's important? Where do you want to be in 12 months, 2 years, 5 years? Is what you're doing now going to get you there?

Put your resources into what you really want in your life (better dates, an amazingly loving and healthy relationship, meeting more people, etc.) and minimize the energy drainers -- needy friends who take more than they give, taking on stressful and unnecessary family responsibilities, bending over backward to try to prove yourself at work.

The good stuff will stick; the rest will start to fall away, and you won't experience an ounce of FOMO.

And, girlfriend, get rid of the guilt.

The trap of balance is that we often feel guilty for wanting balance, having balance, and doing what it takes to maintain balance.

You'll freak that you're not responding to emails quick enough despite the fact they're coming in at 11:34pm (spoiler alert: The one sending the email at that time probably isn't the poster child for sustained and fulfilled living). You'll be upset you didn't have time to DIY the crap out of your boyfriend's bday present to your highest potential because you were on deadline (spoiler alert: He's just happy you're there.)

And remember: The life you love will support a healthy balance. Your love life will support a healthy balance. The career you love will support a healthy balance. The friends who love you will support your healthy balance.

There is nothing to apologize for here.