5 Questions with Aba Gyepi-Garbrah, founder of Aba Love Apothecary

Aba Gyepi-Garbrah is the founder and creator of Aba Love Apothecary. The love of plant medicine led her to discover exotic flowers, humble weeds & seeds, precious oils, sacred woods and resins that reveal nature's bountiful secrets and our world's history. Aba purposefully created The Apothecary to embrace the whole person, tailored for those who seek to harness the magic of plants in real life.

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Where do you get your inspiration to create your magic blends?

I build my magic blends based on the healing properties of plants and issues I am addressing with the skin. If I’m culling inspiration for a botanical perfume blend, I’m very inspired by the energetics of the ingredients and how I want the wearer to feel when they are use it.  

If your oils and scents had a magic power when people wore them, what would it be?

Well, I’m working with essential oils  which ACTUALLY do have their own unique olfactory powers depending on the wearer's intention... but if I had to pick just one magic power, it would be to “make it rain,” or to magnetize infinite abundance.

Who (dead or alive) would you freak out over if you knew she wore your blends?

Oh my, if Sade wore my blends... that would make my heart siiiing!

When do you get the most inspired/creative? 

I feel the most inspired after I’ve been looking at art. Beautiful art gives me all the feels. If I’m formulating, my creative juices flow more at night. I can be a bit of a night owl!

How does aromatherapy change our lives?

Aromatherapy can do so many things for us. Personally, it's been a great tool when I feel the need to reconnect. I’m in my head a lot, so it helps me reconnect with my body, become present and ground myself. I can blend oils for whatever I want to call in, so it makes me feel quite wizardly which is fun to think about!  Aromatherapeutic oils are also an amazing way to shift your personal and work space. With the right combination of essential oils, we can instantly be more creative, attractive and focused. Who doesn’t want that?!

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