5 Questions with Candyce Lee

Candyce Lee is a community specialist at CIC Miami, a co-working space for startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs alike. She also happens to be our Collection 03 model and queen of all things fab. A special THANK YOU to Candyce for answering our Q’s!

What are your top three hobbies/pastimes?

  1. Creating my organic hair care line! Right now, I have a pre-poo and I'm working on shampoo, conditioner, and all your haircare needs.

  2. Relaxing, listening to some good music, watching a good movie, or doing nothing at all… since I’m always on the move, I take the opportunity to unwind whenever I get the chance!

  3. Creating! Whether it's designing a room, coordinating the look for a photo shoot or music video, or brainstorming new business ideas... I love having creative freedom and bringing a vision to life.

What is your favorite piece of clothing? Why?

I don’t play favorites because I like to mix and match my style! It's all in how I feel and I prefer to incorporate various styles. One day, I may be feeling an "urban" look while the next I may want to go with something more "professional.” I see fashion as an extension of my many sides and I use it to express myself!

What do you think makes women beautiful? (style, great skin, smile, personality, etc?)

I think our complexity make us beautiful... we are intelligent, outspoken, direct, shy, funny, difficult, interesting, unsure, different, quirky, weird, indecisive, stubborn, awkward, wild, fearless, adventurous, fragile, crazy, withdrawn, moody, hard to read, vulnerable, diverse, insightful, leaders, lovers, friends, nurturers! It’s unfortunate not all women see themselves as truly beautiful because we all are, in so many ways – we just need to embrace the things that make us, US!

We’re much more than mere physical appearance. Our strength and resilience to what we endure on a daily basis is beautiful. The way we can keep a household, family, career, and all aspects of life together is beautiful. Even our flaws are beautiful!

Tell us about the last time you laughed so hard that you cried.

I truly can't pinpoint a single time– I've had many of those crying laughs! My lovely co-workers, the topics we discuss, the witty comments everyone makes… it’s all a recipe for a great laugh which I always appreciate. :)

Who’s your style icon and why?

I draw from many different people and their styles. My sisters, my mother, my friends, singers, rappers, actors, actresses, models, pins on Pinterest… these are all sources of inspiration for me. Style is what you make it and I opt for creative freedom. I never was and never will be the type to place myself in a box with one look, style, or inspiration. I inspire myself and like to try looks I've never done before because it's FUN! Always remember to have fun with your style– change it up and do something different!

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