5 Questions with West Coast Capsule Enthusiast, Alexis Atarian Reddy

Photography by Joel Bear

Alexis Reddy is a blogger, part time stylist, and mother of three residing in sunny California. She aims to show women that less really is more thorough her capsule collection hacks on how to stay elegant, true to yourself, and ready for life!

We’re beyond excited to share the lovely words of inspiration and insight Alexis sent our way. Follow her on Instagram and fall in love with this amazing lady! (We obvs did.)

What sparked your interest in capsule wardrobes?

Simplifying my life in all areas! As a mother to 3, time with my children is precious. I wanted to simplify the process of choosing an outfit– to make sure choosing my outfit each day was fun, but not the most time consuming task of the day.

Do you feel that your life would have been easier/better/cheaper if you had gotten into capsule wardrobes earlier on?

Easier? Yes! Having a set of specific pieces to choose from really takes a lot of the guesswork out of getting ready.

Better? Slightly. I really enjoy playing dress up, so I do miss using my entire wardrobe during a capsule season, but honing in on specific pieces also allows me to build my appreciation for them and see each piece to its full potential.

Cheaper? Absolutely! A lot of thoughtfulness goes into what pieces are used for my capsule. I make sure to ask myself questions like…

  • Can this piece be styled 5 ways or more?
  • Will it survive everyday life?
  • Does it fit well?
  • Is it comfortable?

Asking these questions helps me avoid impulse buying, and forces me to really think. I’ll still thrift pieces on occasion for fun, but it isn’t a huge cost to scratch the itch for something new!

If you could go back into any decade (fashion-wise), which one would it be and why?

Oh man, this one is hard! I enjoy different aspects of fashion from many different eras! If I HAD to choose just one, it would have to be the 1940's. Button up blouses paired with wide leg trousers, midi skirts and dresses, and the emergence of the wedge sandal. Patterns were wonderful and the tailoring was spot on!

What are the 3 pieces of clothing that if you looked back upon 50 years from now best represent who you are today?

  1. A dress that truly made me feel pretty for special occasions.
  2. A comfortable but chic pair of pants for everyday wear.

  3. I'm not sure if this counts, but a pair of shoes that I could wear for a day at the park, as well as a date with my husband.

What would you tell the younger you about clothing, fashion and feeling beautiful and stylish if you could?

Stop chasing trends Alexis! Just because everyone is wearing it, doesn't mean it’s meant for you. Showing more skin does not equate to confidence. As my mother always says "beauty is as beauty does,” meaning intention does matter when it comes to what we wear! Am I wearing this because I truly enjoy it? Or am I wearing it to get special attention and be showy? Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also, and your treasure and identity should never be grounded in what you wear.