5 Ways to Wear Confidence on the Inside and Out


Growing up an introverted child, I loved expressing myself through painting, music, and cooking. But once I reached my 20s, it all changed.

I went dark and was diagnosed with generalized anxiety.

I had problems facing the world head on with confidence, so instead I isolated myself and lived in fears. This caused panic attacks, self-doubt, comparisons, and lack of self-esteem and confidence. I really felt the struggle.

Over the years,  after my third panic attack landed me in the hospital, I finally made a choice not to live this way. I knew inside that I wanted more from my life.

How did I do it?

ways to wear confidence caroline gibbs be inspired brand self love formula

I began to work on myself by reading self-development books, blogs, stretching out my comfort zone, meeting and talking to new people, and more.

Today I feel happier, content and inspired to help other ambitious women who struggle with self issues and anxiety to feel more motivated and determined to conduct their own business with confidence.

I have always looked up to those who were knowledgeable, had the ability to express themselves, and created their own desires. I perceived them as having something that I wanted so badly. They had confidence at their core.

I realized that my confidence level had to align with my desire of starting my own business.

I would have to commit to building my confidence. I would have to step out of my comfort zone and into one of an ambitious business woman, even if I was building an online business.

Let me tell you, putting yourself out there is not an easy task.

It opens the gate for criticism and judgement from others. But on the flip side, it can also open you up to positive feedback from others.

But with whatever feedback you get, confidence will get you through.

I say this because after my experience in studying self development, I have learned that you have to feel confident in who you are and what you bring to the table without any hesitation.

You want whatever you express to the world to be truly YOU. And when you know that what you express to the world is YOU, then naturally there is no hesitation because you know that it will resonate with the right person.

ways to wear confidence self love formula

So here are my 5 ways of building confidence from inside out that worked for me in my self-development journey.

  1. Read. I really believe in the power of knowledge, especially when you just have so many unanswered questions about yourself. Personal development books saved me by helping me understand and put into words what I needed to know in order for me to grow. I remember watching Oprah and being a part of her book club. It was amazing and exposed me to many ideas and perspectives on how to look at situations going on in my life, even still today. Reading can impact how you behave and interact with others. You will begin to apply what you've learned.

  1. Exercise. In order to treat my anxiety and darkness, it was advised that I try out yoga/meditation. I really didn’t understand it and did not know how to meditate. All I remember is Madonna being the face of yoga and she looked great for her age. Once I got into it, I saw a difference in how I was feeling. I was more energized. Today, I also like to incorporate walks outside, and other ways of moving my body and breaking a sweat.

  1. Express yourself. Once I began reading and exercising, I felt good enough to talk more. It started with me opening up more to my parents, talking about different subjects I was learning while reading. Getting positive feedback from family helped to validate my thoughts and ideas, which helped to build my confidence. It ignited my interest in how things worked. Although I loved fashion in college, I began to explore human behavior and self development and continued to study it. That’s when the juices started to flow and I developed the idea to create my own business, Be Inspired Brand (the shop is launching April 7). I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact with what I had been learning.

  1. Write a grateful list. When I first saw this on Oprah (as you can tell, I watch a lot of Oprah), I thought that it would be pointless to try to think of things every day to write in a journal. But when I discovered someone online creating a list of 100 things they were grateful for at the end of her year, I took to the challenge. I write 100 things I’m grateful for every Thanksgiving. It has really transformed me inside. Knowing and acknowledging what you already have makes you feel happier and content. You want to go out into the world. Instead of seeing everything as a challenge, good things become attracted to you. I started to smile more and people smiled back. It’s like you are lit from within.

  1. Step out your comfort zone. Thus far, building my confidence gives me courage to go after what I want. I have more belief in myself. I’m still in this stage of stepping out my comfort zone in starting my own business, but I know that in putting myself out there, people will recognize and appreciate ME and all I have to give.

Wear your confidence inside and out in whatever situation you are in. You can be easily appreciated for it. Find inspiration anywhere. Even wearing inspiration, in phrases like LOVE MATTERS, LIVE COURAGEOUSLY, EMBRACE LIFE, and YOU ARE ENOUGH, makes you feel good, radiates positive vibes and can impact anybody you may come in contact with.

Reminding myself of these building blocks of confidence and leading my business with these words of inspiration continues to carry me through.

ways to wear confidence caroline gibbs be inspired brand self love formula