Fall In Love With This Empowering Instagram Feed (& the Woman Behind It)


What Alex Wehrley is doing is what I love to see.

This is a woman who is using her powerful, public platform for positive influence, and particularly for female empowerment.

Alex has made a name for herself as a TV host and actress, appearing on networks like E!, VH1, ABC, CW, and as a host for Miss USA. But this 28-year-old Angeleno is not your typical “LA actress.”

She’s a multi-passionate individual with a popular platform called #empowerista, and a vision as clear as a pair of Gianvito Rossi’s plexi pumps.

What I love most about TV hosting is starting important conversations and highlighting impactful people—all while making people laugh and smile…

Does your brand empower women? Let's collaborate! I promote brands related to female empowerment on my social media, blog or podcast. With my TV hosting & acting background, I can also speak on behalf of brands at live events, in commercials & online…

I love to share my female empowerment expertise with various media platforms. I've done this through being a guest panelist, blogger and vlogger… - via alexwehrley.com

Folks, this is what happens when you know:

  • the WHO (who you truly are and the feelings you want to create in your life);
  • the WHAT (your vehicle through which you will express your Who and Why);
  • and the WHY (why are you starting this? Who are you serving? Are you filling a void? What pain point are you solving for others?) of your purposeful life.

When people ask me for the ONE BIG MONUMENTAL piece of advice THAT WILL CHANGE ALL THINGS, I tell them, “Know your Who, your What and your Why. It’s not your job to know the How. The How falls into place if you commit to the Who, the What and the Why.”

Alex Wehrley is committed. And her How is shaping up to be something fabulous. We’re the lucky beneficiaries.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy her show (or her Q&A with me, which is just as fun).

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What did you set out to create when you started #empowerista?

I’ve always had a passion for female empowerment; I would voluntarily write papers about body image when I was in college—that’s how much I loved this topic! But my inspiration specifically to start #empowerista came from wanting to give women a platform to celebrate empowered women and to become even more empowered themselves. I wanted there to be a community that values, discusses and learns about female empowerment, especially when it comes to their career, body-image and relationships.

When did you know you were really onto something?

I love the feedback I get from the community. Even just a little “I really needed this today” in the comments of one of my inspirational Instagram posts really makes me smile.

How did you determine that storytelling was part of your larger mission to celebrate and empower women?

#Empowerista was really an extension of my storytelling from the beginning. My background is in TV hosting and acting. I started in local TV and then went on to host for E!, ABC and VH1, and act in films and national commercials. Writing has always been a big part of what I do too.  It was really when I got connected to my “why” that I decided to start #empowerista. I did a lot of reflecting on why I wanted to be a storyteller in the first place, and I kept coming back to: I want to empower women.

What has been the biggest personal challenge you encountered as you developed your platform? How are you working through it?

It can be hard to be patient :) I have big visions for #empowerista that I always want to have happen as soon as possible. But I always remind myself: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I really value taking my time to make sure everything I write or post feels authentic and consistent with the brand. I believe this attention to detail pays off.

What has been your biggest win so far?

One of my goals when I began #empowerista was to merge this movement with my speaking abilities, and I was able to do so in 2015! I have a weekly #empowerista video segment I write, produce and host for HerDaily.com and I’ve gotten several speaking opportunities thanks to the brand.

How was your 2015?

It was an incredible and HUGE year! I got married in May, hosted the Miss USA telecast in July and fully launched #empowerista in the fall. Change and clarity sum up my year!

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Professionally, 2015 was a year for clarity and 2016 will be a year of execution. I’m launching a mentorship program, workshops and podcast that I cannot wait to bring to the #empowerista community. Personally, I want more adventures. I’d love to travel more—maybe I’ll go to Italy like I’ve always wanted to!

Coffee, tea or green juice?

I can’t live without coffee! When my alarm goes off, it’s usually the first thing I think about :) If I can, I love to journal or meditate in the morning too. It always sets a positive tone for my day.

How has your relationship had a positive effect on your professional goals?

My husband is also a TV host/actor/entrepreneur/creator/do-everything type person, which is so helpful. We understand each other's experience and are constantly encouraging one another.

The book I'm currently reading is...

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. I got this book because I love women who are successful in TV. Unfortunately, women are very underrepresented both in front of and behind the camera. So Shonda Rhimes owning Thursday nights on ABC is pretty remarkable. She obviously is an incredible writer—that’s what she does for a living. The book is funny, relatable and very captivating. It’s all about saying yes to whatever scares you! Which is something I strive to do.


A HUGE thanks to Alex for answering my Q's! For more from Alex, you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook