This Woman Is Making Social Sense of Social Media to Make a Difference


As I dance my way through this digital world, I'm finding the key to making social media a success is making it personal.

You gotta take the online offline to substantiate any relationship, professional or romantic or otherwise.

So today, I'm chatting with someone who gets this. Someone who's soul-deep in social media marketing and who is fueled by using these channels to bring women together and create a stronger collective that's just as beneficial for the individual. Thank goodness.

Alissa Trumbull (fun fact: Alissa and I grew up together!) is a writer, creative, social media marketer, and now, Community Manager at Be The Change Revolutions, a social media marketing agency that specializes in engaging communities and igniting movements. (Yasssss.)

She also co-runs #BizGalz, a weekly Twitter chat that delves into the details of your most pressing work/life challenges, like how to start a nonprofit, making freelancing work for you, and balancing work life with life life.

More than anything else, I am committed to helping people find their "aha" moments. Everything we do is a learning experience. I recently co-founded #BizGalz with Jade Phillips, a Twitter chat geared for women in all stages of life and career, and am a Friday Feature blogger for Ms. Career Girl, a site dedicated to showing women they can have it all. As a side project, I have been involved with launching The Social Outlaws, a blog that explores all areas of social media and social business (we're currently looking for guest bloggers, too!). I am also a #Foodiechats ambassador because, really, what's better than eating great food and talking about it?!

Passionate about business ethics, I seek opportunities to strengthen individuals and organizations through the application of best practices and human understanding.

I mean... How about that opening line, right?

So dive in here, as Alissa talks about how it felt to commit to a career partnership, going deep in conversation, and the influencer of strong female leadership.

And stay tuned next week, when you'll hear the other side of the story from her co-founder Jade Phillips!

Also, meet us on Twitter this Monday, March 7, as I join these two awesome ladies for their next #BizGalz session. We'll be talking about why taking care of self is MAY-JAH if you wanna crush it at work, love, and beyond.

Generally, great things start from a personal journey or need. Was there a life experience you had that prompted the creation of BizGalz?

Jade and I met last year on Twitter. We were both involved in numerous Twitter chats together. When Jade reached out with an idea to start a Twitter chat for working women – whatever your personal definition of that may be – I was excited. There was a hole and a need for a community where women could come together with no judgment to talk about everything in life and work.

What did you set out to create when you started BizGalz?

Honestly, we wanted to start a Twitter chat to highlight different areas of life and work in people’s individual lifestyles that were both unique and relatable. What we’ve gotten, however, is in incredible, strong, loving community of women and men dedicated to lifting each other up, being sources of strength and support for each other, and empowering one another to reach our goals.

When did you know you were really on to something great?

From the first ideation session with Jade. We had such an incredible energy going. We thought, if we’re this excited about this, we bet other people will be, too. When we started reaching out to our first few guests and felt their excitement, it solidified that we were starting something to fill a gap.

What's a lesson that you've learned from one of your interviews that really stuck with you?

I’ve learned that people want to talk about difficult subjects with each other. We’ve covered everything from women in STEM to sexual assault, content creation to body image. All of these have value. All of these help build life skills or speak emotionally to someone. Each person brings their own level of expertise and personal experience to BizGalz. Having a safe space to talk about these things.

You recently joined Be The Change Revolutions. The agency was cofounded by Amanda Hite, a leading game-changer in the field. How has strong female leadership shaped your career thus far?

Being part of the BTC team has been incredible. The energy in the organization is contagious. Amanda is inspirational. She is dedicated, driven, passionate, and caring. And not only Amanda. I literally want to name every person I work with as being a source of learning and motivation.

This question has really made me think. I’ve looked back at my jobs since age 14 and who my bosses were, the majority of them have been women (and I’ve had a few really awful ones in there!). And even before that, all strong female teachers – from Mrs. Kennedy and Ms. Freedman at Baker to Ms. Ogura in high school. Most notably, the leading women of Kappa Alpha Theta have and continue to shape my life and show me what it means to be a strong, educated, driven, resourceful woman.

The women who have shaped my life, my mother included, are the ones who have taught me that I can do anything. That it is okay to fail. That each moment is a learning moment. That it is better to tell the truth. That it is okay not to know. All of these moments have cumulatively shaped my development me as a leader. And not only that, but also as a strong woman.

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Right now for work we’re in the middle of #BTC90X. It’s an incredible fitness evaluation of ourselves and the work we do. I’ve set intentions for myself and am working to meet those in my personal life and in my professional life.

Ben and I moved to Denver in January. I’m looking forward to new opportunities and being able to stretch myself in a new city. Since the move, I’ve taken my yogic practice to the next level and am planning to elevate my dedication to that this year. I’m also reading more and have dedicated myself to playing piano again. This year is really a year of renewal for me in my whole life. I cannot wait to see where I take myself in 2016!

Coffee, tea or green juice?

Tea or cold-pressed juice. All the way. I’m a very occasional coffee drinker – and it better be great coffee! In the mornings when I’m at my computer early, I make green tea and start my day with that. At night, I like to end with a book and lavender tea. I build yoga into as many days each week as I can, thinking about where in my schedule my practice that day is going to fall and going to a class that will energize or calm my (body and/or mind!). I started at Corepower Yoga in January and am completely hooked.

I love that it is so easy to eat well in Colorado. Even the chain grocery by our place carries local produce. I’ve been dedicating myself to eating more mindfully, although I do have a serious soft spot for burgers! I also try to make time to walk. We have an hour-long call on Fridays for BTC. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking the call while I walk through the park by our place, taking notes on my phone, and enjoying the mountains and sunshine.

How has your relationship supported your career?

My relationship has done nothing but support my career. My hobbies. My volunteer activities. Everything. Not gonna lie. I have an incredible husband.

The book I'm currently reading is...

I’ve got several going right now. I’m rereading Dante’s The Divine Comedy and The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury.


A HUGE thanks to Alissa for answering my Q's! For more from #BizGalz, you can follow them on Twitter, and for more from Alissa, you can follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest

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