The New Fashion Line That Makes Dressing for Work Comfy AND Chic

How familiar does this sound? It's Monday. 7am. You're laying in bed, about to snooze for the 9th time, staring at your ceiling. You have 15 minutes before you're supposed to leave for work, and all you want to know, in this moment, is how you can style your yoga pants today to pass for boss-approved boardroom attire.

Yep. Me too.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a line of chic wears that felt just as comfy as your yoga pants, or your jammies? But was sophisticated enough for the office, or a Tinder date, or bottomless-mimosa brunch on the weekends?

It would. It would, indeed.

Enter Bammies, a six-piece core collection from two Millennial female hustlers who had the same problem you have. (Spoiler alert: I am one of them.)

That's right. My biz partner, Rosario Chozas and I, wanted to solve this problem and create fashion that was realistic and amazing. Powerful, but soft. Comfortable, yet chic.

So, I introduce Bammies: business + jammies. Each Bammies piece is a staple item that allows you to easily dress for the various appointments you have in your day -- from that breakfast meeting to the office to the networking cocktail to date night and beyond.

No more staring at your closet, exhausted by wardrobe decision fatigue before you even have your coffee for the day.

Bammies is officially L-I-V-E and you can check out the entire Collection 01 over at

Get excited! Get click-happy!

We're in PRESALE mode for the next 30 days. At the end of those 30 days, if we meet our reserve, we start producing our Collection 01 and EVERYBODY GETS THEIR BAMMIES.

Yassssss, girl.

After that, you'll get your Bammies within 4 weeks. I knowwww, it sucks to wait for these AWESOME clothes, but we wanted to build a smart business model.
If you all help us rock the hell out of this launch, fingers crossed we hit our reserve SUPER FAST and can start production ASAP. That way, you get your Bammies even sooner! Teamwork makes the dream work, amiright?
So please, please, pleaseeee help us get to our reserve by supporting the launch of this awesome fashion brand that we KNOW so many of you women are dying to add to your closet. (And fellas, Bammies makes the best gift!)

Ways you can support:

  1. Buy Bammies!!!
  2. Send this link to your friends and tell THEM to buy Bammies!
  3. Share our announcement on social media. Here are some copy-and-paste messages you can use and 2 social images below if you want to get visual with it (yay, options! Hey, we like to make it easy on you):
    • TWITTER: Your new favorite fashion line @bammieslife is on PRESALE! Help them hit their reserve so we can all get comfy-chic
    • INSTAGRAM:  The revolution is now elasticized. is on PRESALE! Buy & help them hit their reserve so we can all get comfy-chic in 2016. Check out the debut Collection 01 at #bammieslife
    • FACEBOOK: Big ups to the babes behind Bammies for launching their PRESALE! To catch you up, Bammies = business + jammies, so basically it's the clothing line you've always wanted to wear. Head on over to and check out their debut Collection 01, buy some Bammies, share the love and help them reach their reserve so that we can all be comfy-chic in 2016.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your support and love and shares and shopping.

The revolution is now elasticized.


Disclaimer: I, Julia Ford-Carther, am a co-founder of this awesome fashion brand. It's one of the multiple things I do to try to help women feel amazing and empowered in their every day. Hope you enjoy!

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