Because, Thanksgiving


A list, simply, of 34 things for which I am grateful. Because, Thanksgiving. Plus, they say doing this every day will make you happier. Which I do. All I know is 2015 kicked 2014's ass.  

A one Mr. Marc A Lippman.

My piña of a business partner.

Clothes that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

My ability to string a few words together and make them sound decent enough for people to read.

You, my readers, audience, tribe and followers, who graciously spend your precious life minutes on scanning said strings and coming back for more.

Fire pits.

Pools (sand and I have endured a rocky relationship).

A love I wasn't sure existed.

A love I wasn't sure I was capable of being.

A love I wasn't sure I could give.

My nephew Logan.

A cheap (but fast) internet connection.



Revelations. The personal kind, not the chapter.

Self-propelled workouts.

A good sweat.

New friends.

And the die-hard ones.

Shifts in the wind.


Inner thoughts (currently: Does anybody do a real post on this day?).

Internal validation.

Giving fewer f*cks.

Reconnecting with my child self.

Telling my child self to take a Ritalin and chill.

Couch cuddles.

Softening up. (Emotionally, obvs.)



Baby hairs.

The love of being, not doing.


Me. (Thanks for showing up. Couldn't have done it without you.)