The Under-$10 Mascara That Works Like a $32 One

Things for which we'd willingly be late to a meeting with Oprah: Free Hamilton tickets, the latest cronut flavor, not leaving the house without mascara on (Oprah shouldn't be subjected to our bald lids).

Yes, mascara is on the short list. It's part of the "if you only had 5 minutes and could only use 2 items so you're not late for your morning client meeting and for once, just for ONCE, could look like you have it together" beauty routine. Aka, our every day routine...

We're into the stuff. But the receipts we accrue for our regular $30+ tube every few weeks are an eye sore. 

So when we find a lash lengthener that pulls out all the stops AND for a fraction of the price, well, we're pretty much in haute hog heaven.

Such was the scene at S(e)LF HQ the other day. Our staffer was running around admiring her freshly lengthened, false-looking eye curtains, the result of her newly found Holy Grail mascara, squealing with glee. And by squealing, we mean exhaling punctuated, mildly offensive expletives of joy. (Hey, we're serious about makeup that makes our lives easier.) 

What was the magic mascara'd wand du jour, you ask?

Boots No7 Dramatic Lift Mascara.

Yup. We'll let you take a moment to let that soak in. 

That whole lift effect they claim happens? It's true. Our lashes experienced a real "started from the bottom, now we're here" moment with this mascara. Curl, lift, length, and the right amount of volume sans Spock-hand-style clumping.

Oprah would understand.