Holidays Are For Bingeing on Pie Then Binge Watching In Bed


I'm not ashamed of my tendency to binge-watch my way through life.

In fact, I'd argue its efficiency and motivational properties. When I finish a series, I feel a sense of accomplishment, a to-do I get to check off my never-ending list.

So, as you can imagine, I have my systems down. Necessary materials: Laptop (it keeps me mobile and ready to access anywhere there's wifi) and a steady stream of all my shows.

One of those includes NBC's TVEverywhere. Oh, do you not know about this? Gah, you should.

Basically, with this handy hook-up, you get to watch TV without the TV. Think about that for a moment. All your fave NBC shows, full episodes, anywhere, any time. All you do to access binge-watching glory is just pop in your cable subscription login (and for the current fall seasons, you don't even need a provider login!). It's magic, really.

Save those login deets and you won't have to even worry about logging in every time you want to settle in for an episode.

(Was that the sound of your mind being blown?)

It's gotten to the point over here where I just fire open a new tab, pop in that trusty URL and, BAM, all the shows I've missed are there, waiting for me. Anywhere, any time. It's glorious. Simply glorious.

Because it's time I catch up on the latest seasons and I'm itching to find out...

Did Chicago Fire's Casey and Dawson set the date yet?

Who got dropped during the live eliminations on The Voice this week (fingers crossed it wasn't Madi Davis...)?

Where in the world are The Blacklist's Liz and Red by now (I mean, did you SEE the last teaser? They're on the run! They're WANTED. Running from whom? Wanted for WHAT?)?


[Presses play. Resurfaces 3 days later.]

Maybe this belies my minimal targeted social life these days.

But hey, I'm perfectly cool banging away at my laptop, building my business between episodes, bookended with snuggles from my couch-relaxing boyfriend who'd also happily binge-watch his way through some new TV fodder.

I am making adult decisions. Business building + binge watching + boyfriend = my current definition of balance.

Adulthood rocks. Won't you join me?

Get a jump on the weekend and go watch now.

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