Bored of Your Beauty Look? Pucker Up To These Pink Lipsticks


It’s easy to fall into makeup traps. Before you know it, you’ve worn the same things every day for the past six months and you have a creeping sense of ennui. You can’t put your finger on it, but something seems… off. Your face isn’t looking right. And, more importantly, your head isn’t feeling right. When things feel wrong in the bod, you take medicine. Well, I propose a medicine-colored lipstick to counter any upset in your makeup mentality. The placebo effect of putting a Pepto-Bismol shade on your lips probably has something to do with it. But a bubblegum-pink lipstick also helps lift you out of your rut and remember what’s fun about makeup again.

My picks for PB lips are inexpensive and definitely cheerful: it’s much harder get stressed or frustrated when sporting such a bright, beautiful, girly pout. They aren’t staples, but for days when everything is grey and you seem to be in a total fug, they do the trick. Worn right, you can avoid the Barbie connotations, and retain your cool-girl aesthetic. Here’s how to get your candy-colored pick-me-up no matter where you live.

For Brits, the Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in Bubblegum does exactly what it says on the tin.

U.S. girls, go for Wet n Wild Megalast in Dollhouse Pink – slightly more matte, but a bit longer lasting.

And everyone the world over could probably track down Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout. This is a good starter bright pink, because it’s less pigmented and requires more building. Subtle, but Pepto Bismol-esque nonetheless.

Because of the inherent boldness of the color, a Pepto Bismol lip look relies heavily on contrasts. To show you aren’t dedicated to an entirely girly look, werewolf eyebrows are a must. The bushier, the better. And bubblegum lipstick looks best with a mostly bare face and minimal outfit, because otherwise it can get a bit fussy. Pepto-Bismol-pink contrasts particularly well with gray (all shades) and navy – the wholemeal-breads of color.

If you’re feeling mentally uneasy about your makeup look, wearing Pepto-Bismol lipstick can’t hurt. It’s like makeup medicine, but the kind that’s fun to take.