Break Out Your Wallets: Instagram's 'Shop Now' Button Is Coming


Word on the Interwebz is that everyone's favorite addiction photo sharing platform is getting a major upgrade that will make fashion brands, bloggers and buyers spend even more hours on it than they already do. On Tuesday, Instagram announced its plans to implement a functionality that will allow users to shop products directly through platform-hosted ads.

(Thank God. Our thumbs were about to fall off from toggling between Keep,, Fancy, The Hunt, Gilt, and...  well, we'll stop there, lest you think we have a "problem.")

The sponsored ads will also prompt users to further engage with brands by soliciting users to sign up for newsletters, download apps, and link through to company websites. Instagram hasn't provided an exact date as to when these rollouts will take effect.

While no one really "loves" ads (it's just more content to sift through that we may not be at all interested in), we have to admit we're semi-pumped about the implications of this development. With the hope that brands get it right, our see -> covet -> possess process will be much more streamlined. Yay, efficiency.

And, as Fashionista reports, Pinterest is following suit with its own 'Buy it' button. Praise be! Our Friday nights just got even busier.