BTS with Sarah Rocksdale, Your New Favorite Beauty YouTuber: "Best Advice I've Received Might Be To Just Be Myself"


In our saturated online world, there are many a YouTube channel from which to gain invaluable beauty tips, hairstyle how-to's, and DIY-isms. Trust me, you could lose a lot of productivity hours combing through the noise. I tend to gravitate toward users who produce with a purpose, and a positive one at that. Why not digest your smokey eye tutorial with a side of encouraging affirmations that, yes you CAN in fact own the night and look damn good doing it?

In the purpose-filled category is Sarah Rocksdale, a Los-Angeles-based beauty and fashion YouTuber who puts the rockstar in rocking a tutorial from heatless hairstyles (yes, please) to vamping it up for fall and beyond.

With her good vibes, honest and compassionate delivery and need-to-know topics (I mean, you can never watch enough contour videos, amirite?), Sarah's channel is on our favorites list.

What we love about her, too, is that she's not afraid to get real every once in a while. Simply put, she's dope. And you kiiiinda just wanna hang out with her. With miles between us, I opted for the next best thing: a Q&A.

So, here's more about your new favorite beauty YouTuber, like her rise through the ranks of YouTube, how she worked through a period of self-harm, and why it's so important to just be yourself.


You're living the dream as a YouTube sensation with a whopping audience who loves you. How did you get here?

I started my Youtube channel in January of 2011 and have been posting videos every week since then. Kind of crazy to think of it now but that's been a huge help. Just staying consistent and making Youtube friends really helps get your channel out there.

When did you realize you'd made it?

I've only just begun to think that I've 'made it.' *big smile* A few months ago I quit my full time job working in an office as an administrative assistant. My dream for a some time had been being able to work on Youtube videos and blogging as my only job and I am lucky enough to be able to do it now. It took a long time and I think my channel has potential to grow more. I'm excited to keep working on it and see where it will be a year from now.

Why do you think you've been so successful?

I really owe any success I've had from the viewers. I think they demand more from you and that kind of pushes me to create better content. There are also several videos on Youtube where people give tips to what helps a channel grow and I agree with them for the most part. Things like posting new content each week or every other week consistently, having decent lighting & commenting on other Youtuber's videos. I think trending themes or topics really help gain viewers as well. A lot of beauty gurus will post Fall theme videos before it's even Fall or Back to School videos when it's getting closer to that time. I think the larger, more successful videos I share are the ones I just really wanted to work on.

When you create something you love and have fun with, I think that's something viewers can see. So, I try to stick to creating content I'm really excited about.

What's the toughest part of what you do?

The toughest part of what I do, might be editing. Lately, I haven't been thrilled about sitting in front of my computer for hours picking away at footage I don't want in the video. I guess I have a love/hate relationship with it. I usually have about 45 minutes to a little over an hour of footage and I like to keep my videos about 5 minutes or under. I do like editing when I'm almost done though! When I'm working on the last few bits of detail, I love it. I just don't like doing the rough editing at the beginning.

Let's get real for a moment. You've struggled with self-harm in the past and have been a source of inspiration for others who are going through similar situations. How did you cultivate the self-love you needed to start the healing process?

Self love has been a huge part of my life.

I didn't even realize what it was until later on. As a child and teen, I struggled with self-harm as a way to cope with traumatic experiences I was exposed to as a kid. Later, I sought out therapy and that really helped. My counselor taught me about self love and the idea changed everything. Instead of going to self-harm like I normally would, she suggested getting all of those negative feelings/thoughts out in a positive way. I would write instead, or listen to music or go for a run. Even small things like making a cup of tea or sitting outside with a book seemed to help and the more I did those things, the easier it was to stop cutting. It was a beautiful, life changing moment when I realized self-harm didn't have to be a part of my life any more. And I didn't desire it.

What does a typical day-in-the-life of Sarah Rocksdale look like?

A typical day for me is usually a lot of planning and working on new content, which I love. I get up at 7 am, walk my dog, get ready and make breakfast. My husband, Kyle actually cooks breakfast =) we'll eat together and he'll go to work. I like to film around noon and I'll spend the afternoon editing and taking photos for my social media and blog. I like to make time every week to go through the 'business side' of it as well. I'll send out invoices, reach out to brands I'd like to work with and I try to check and respond to emails in the morning and afternoon. Some days, I'll get invited to go to shoots around the area which is always fun!

In a relationship, single and loving it, or Tindering?

I'm in the best relationship! I'm married to my best friend, Kyle. We've been married for a little over 5 years now and we eloped to Las Vegas! It was fun and we've gone back a few times now.

Best advice you've ever received?

Best advice I've ever received might be to just be myself. I feel like there's the shy side of me and then there's the outrageous, loud Sarah that not too many people got to see before I started opening up a little more. I think that just being yourself feels good and people can tell when you're being genuine.

Yes, girl, yes [slow clap]! Last beauty treatment or product you just bought/tried? 

I recently tried out the Butter London Clutch palette! I'm loving it and am hailing it as the best eye shadow palette I've ever used! The colors are beautiful and wearable, plus the pigments are amazing! I highly recommend it!


A HUGE thanks to Sarah for answering my Q’s! For more from Sarah, you can subscribe to her YouTube here, and follow her on TwitterInstagram, Google Plus, Pinterest and Facebook




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