Everything About These New Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Lipsticks. EVERYTHING.


Bobbi Brown, that gem of genius of a woman, has delivered yet again. Her cosmetics brand, the one that champions self-confidence-boosting concepts like "wakeup makeup" and accentuating natural beauty, just launched its new Luxe Lip Color. In THIRTY shades. I dare you not to find one you fall in love with.

In the meantime, let me share with you why I've fallen in love with this hot new product.

Turns out these are some of the only richly pigmented formulas I've tried that don't dry me out. Just be sure to keep the tube on your person throughout the day/night, as reapplication is necessary. But with such AH-MAH-ZING color options, who cares? Not I.

They all finish with a slight sheen, not matte, so keep that in mind when picking. And they're buildable—you'll get enough gorgeous color in one sweep, but you can also bump it up with a double application. Yowza!

Here are the shades the kind folks at Bobbi Brown generously sent me. But I'm going to go ahead and extrapolate from my experience and say they're all worth adding to your collection.

Parisian Red

I couldn't find a red that worked for me until 2 years ago. I'm 31, to lend some context to this shade-struggle I had. SO many years spent without this essential beauty-regimen staple. Man, if only this lipstick had existed years ago. I could have been channeling Rihanna before Rihanna even channeled Rihanna. Anywho, it's here now, and my, how ecstatic am I. It's not dark, it's not blue/purple (like so many of them are, making it ROUGH to rock for this betty with warm undertones), it's not orange. It's just red. Classic, pure, perfect, and wearable. Def could become your next daily red. And it totally makes me want to go to Paris (but what doesn't these days?).

Also, boyfriend's reaction: I want to lick it off you.

I'm thinking that's a positive.

Raspberry Pink

Finally! A pink that's pretty for yellow/warm/neutral undertones and doesn't look like it's trying to jump off your face and make a run for it (does anyone else have this problem?). Praise be. I believe it's also one that would look divine on lighter and pinkish skin tones as well (I'm assuming, since all pinks seem as if they were created to grace the lovely lips of the fair). Basically, as a warm-toned woman, pinks and reds are hard for me since their usual undertones do not sit well on m'face. No longer! And don't reserve color this for just nighttime shenanigans. I slather it on with my Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim on denim!) and own a daytime sidewalk strut. (Reflective Ray Bans optional.)


A white-nude that embodies an entire fashion genre and movement in one fell swoop of the shade. I liken the effect it has to the current fall trend of dark oxblood lipstick, just on the opposite end of the spectrum. It's very opaque, and creates quite a statement. And we love that. Because who's not into making a statement with their mouth? I call it the white-out effect, but with a softer approach. I suspect this will be a hit with the creative class (read: everybody we know).

Pout on, people!