How To Figure Out Your Skin Type with Celeb Dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann


Happy Spring, peeps!

I've been feeling the spring-cleaning vibes over here at chez SLF, and as such, have been ditching any and all things (physical and meta) that I no longer need to hold on to.

Case in point: My overflowing stash of beauty products. There are some I've tried once and didn't like, there are some I haven't tried and hope to one day get to, there are some I know I'll never try but haven't done anything with. And then there are some I'm not even sure I need but think I may but I'm deathly afraid of how they will affect my skin.

This is absurd. I need to do something about this. Any body else drowning in a sea of skin care products and never 100% sure which ones are best for your skin type?

You see, around 30, my skin changed. Just totally freaked out on me. Break outs, sun spots, oily out of left field, more break outs. Things I had never experienced before. And I've been struggling to find skin care that works across the board and doesn't further irritate this new skin type of mine.

Le sigh. So this year, in full spring-cleaning mode, I've decided to finally figure out what's going on with this new skin of mine.

I knew one person could help decode my skin type troubles once and for all: Dr. Leslie Baumann, famed and acclaimed leading dermatologist.

I had followed Dr. Baumann since my early days as a beauty editor, after reading her skin-changing book, The Skin Type Solution  that included a quiz to help you figure out which of the 16 different skin types you were. Clearly, it was time for a re-do.

And her practice is right here in Miami! So I paid her a visit, fan-girled out on her, retook her revised and now-digital Skin Type Solutions quiz and determined what skin type I had now, post-30. And in this video, I share how you can easily (and finally!) figure out yours.

Watch as Dr. Baumann drops skin-care knowledge bombs left and right about the potential problem with anti-aging products, stress, and why we actually need three (yes, THREE) eye creams.





Good stuff, right?

So, today's takeaways include:

  1. Work on those healthy habits.
  2. Just because we don't see wrinkles or sun spots doesn't mean we're not prone to them. (Fun.)
  3. You can solve all your skin-care woes in 3 minutes by visiting a Skin Type Solutions doctor. Thank goodness.


A HUGE thank you to Dr. Baumann and her team at Cosmetic Dermatology & Research Institute for schooling us on our skin care! For more, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.