The Human Your Life (And Health) Has Been Missing

guramrit khalsa

Every once in while, in this existence, if you’re lucky, life plops down a major win in front of your face in the form of another human being.

This happened to me a few months ago, when a brilliant individual whom I admire with such fierceness (I’m looking at you, Katie Corcoran) introduced me to another one of her equally as brilliant and inspiring friends.

My major life win arrived in the form of a one miss Guramrit Khalsa.

Now, everyone has a “thing” in life. My thing is empowering communication. My business partner’s thing is connection via community. Derek Jeter’s thing is baseball. Et cetera.

Guramrit’s thing? Is food. More specifically:

“My passion stems from my life purpose to help people heal through food and discover true nourishment of their souls. As a Holistic Health Counselor and Personal Chef I work with clients to empower, uplift and encourage them to make important changes in their lives while creating meals that are healing, holistic and delicious.”


But there’s another “thing” the Bronx-born Guramrit has another “thing” that makes her deliciously irresistible to clients, friends and, my guess, her fiancé.

Guramrit, you see, is a rare breed, indeed. The kind that lights you up just by saying her name. The kind whose energy leaps through a page, phone, FaceTime, or email, envelops you in brightness and forces a smile from the corners of your mouth no matter what mood you’re in.

Like I said, major life win delivered to you in the form of another human.

So of course I wanted to bottle up her Guramrit-ness and share it with you guys. Here’s what the 27-year-old had to say about what makes her radiate, and how she delivers that through her infectious attitude, work, and day-to-day doings.


Most passions stem from personal moments. Was there a life experience that informed your love of healing through health and wellness? 

I've always loved being in the kitchen and for me, it's like your own personal pharmacy. I come from a family where random concoctions (some of which smelled as though they were not fit for human consumption, but probably really good for you) were cures for all ailments and food was more than a necessity. You don't really make the connection that food, health and healing are all related when you're about 10 years old. I didn't have any profound or life-altering situations that made me fall deeper in love with holistic health and healing. I fell right into it and I could tell it was the best decision for me because the gut doesn't lie. I have never felt as happy as I do right now and I am always striving to feel that way in every area of my life.

On your site you say, "My passion stems from my life purpose to help people heal through food and discover true nourishment of their souls." How did you determine your life purpose?

When I graduated college I was really attached to the idea that I had to work at food magazine. For a long time I was chasing this dream but it really did not feel heart centered, so I switched jobs often. I bounced around until I found what felt right and I think that's something that's frowned upon because you're "supposed" to stay at a certain job because job hopping is not how to get successful. Well, I only stay in a certain place if it feels good to me. And after much searching and bouncing around, I found what felt good. I could literally feel my heart opening up the moment I got laid off from my last corporate job. I thought I really loved that job but I really felt a HUGE difference when I let my inner voice shout to me, "you need to help people on a larger level, you are playing small. Get your ish together." It was then that my cookbook (Yogi Eats) was born and my health coaching turned into soul nourishment coaching. Everything that I do right now is always to serve that purpose and to constantly search for joy. If it doesn't feel good or in alignment with my purpose I don't do it.

You've worked in magazine publishing, social media, and the health coaching fields. How did you manage to move from one career path to another?

Everything I have done has really led me to the best version of myself. I would not be where I am today if I did not do each thing. When I worked in magazine publishing (this really stems from my love of writing, I still have the first thing I ever wrote in Kindergarten) I found out about my nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I feel like everything I do is related in a way and every path I have chosen has led me where I am today.

You also run a program geared toward increasing wellness in children. Can you tell us more about that and how that opportunity come about?

I actually found the job on Facebook through a mutual friend and health coach. I work with the Healthy Harlem program, which provides fitness and nutrition education for parents and students in the Harlem area. As the nutrition educator, during the school year I provided a comprehensive curriculum that teaches kids how to make more conscious food choices. Basically my end goal is to provide children with the means to make decisions that will keep them from getting diabetes and struggling with obesity. I really want them to know exactly what they are eating and how to create yummy meals with veggies and fruits they may not necessarily be exposed to in their homes. Alot of these kids come from low income homes so they do not have the means (in some cases) to have a nutritionist or coach, so this is a great way to do that.

How do you define success?

Success is waking up in the morning and loving what you do.

What has been your biggest win so far?

Everything. Every single day is a big win for me. It may be a struggle (you know, dealing with personalities and kids who don't want to listen) but ultimately every single thing I do is a big win for me and for the people I work with because I LOVE every moment of it.

You're about to get married (congrats!) and have been with your guy for 10 years (double congrats!). How does your relationship support you pursuing your life's purpose?

My soon-to-be hubby is just as enthusiastic about what I do as I am. He is actually a Wild Animal Keeper in the Mammals Department at the Bronx Zoo so he is really pursuing his life's purpose. He's focused on the wild animals and I'm focused on the care of humans. Matt is my biggest support and best friend and really pushes me beyond my comfort zone. I live and breathe wellness so everything I do with my clients, we also do together. We check in to make sure both of us are making time for ourselves and our self-care so we can be better friends, lovers and partners. When I got laid off (it was right before we moved in together), I was freaking out but Matt was super calm and collected. He's the levelheaded one in the relationship. He reassured me that everything was going to be okay because we have each other and now I would have the opportunity to really do what I wanted to do, help others become their best selves through nourishing their souls. He's pretty amazeballs.

Coffee, tea or green juice?

All three. I'm an intuitive person so whatever my body tells me it needs in that moment, I listen. Some days I'm all about that Stumptown Cold Brew and other days I really love my green juice. I recognize that my body is the wisest friend I have. I just need to listen and give it the opportunity to say exactly what it needs without judgment. Lately I've been digging ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response, it's a tingling sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down your back that is triggered by a variety of movements/sounds). It's a pretty freakin' rad. When I'm feeling that anxiety (from wedding planning or crazy students, or just being a human), I put on an ASMR video meditation and I feel a whole new level of relaxation.

The best piece of advice I've ever received is...

Feel your feet. It is essential to feel grounded so you can make decisions in a mindful and centered place. My mom says this to me all the time. Stop, and feel your feet.


A HUGE thank you to Guramrit for answering my Q's! For more from her, you can check out her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube