The 20-Something Life Coach Who Knows More About Life Than Any Of Us


Whether you're 100% convinced the adage "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is true or not, it sure is damn inspiring when you come across someone who seems as though she invented the saying herself.

Invented it and laughed at it in the FACE. Like a boss. Because that is how it's done.

Hanna Marie Bier has had a few laughs.

Homegurl has been through some sh*t. Some very human sh*t, but sh*t nonetheless. Sh*t that a lot of us could relate to. As I did when reading her story.

And what became of Hanna when she was faced with said serious ish? Hanna got serious right back and loved the f*ck outta herself. And now she's made a life helping others do the same.

The founder of Free Spirited Life Coaching, Hanna's a recognized Mentor-Masterclass certified Life Coach and Emotional Healing Specialist "helping gifted creatives get out of their own way by healing their emotions, so that they can realize their big visions in the world while having fun and loving life."

Hanna's wisdom is one of a sage two or three times her age (I swear, just read some of her observations on life below). She's the kind that doesn't come along very often. The kind of stuff you want to tap into and learn from when you can. Her exacting insight is at once penetrating and comforting -- not an easy balance to strike -- enlightening and, sometimes unexpectedly, liberating.

What makes her even MORE fun is that she's, well, fun. And real. And her. Her unabashed ability to be herself allows YOU to unabashedly be yourself while chatting with, reading, or listening to her.

My goodness, couldn't we use more of that in our lives?

Seriously, read what's she's told me below and try NOT to feel more like yourself. Go on. Try. Dare ya.

How did you get to this point in your career? Tell us your personal story of self discovery.

My story starts in my early childhood. I grew up a very sensitive and dreamy kid, I was living more in my dreams than in the real world. From an early age, I struggled with an anxiety disorder, an eating disorder and suicidal tendencies. My childhood was very traumatic and all I wanted to do was escape.

Life was very difficult for me. Not only was I 100% convinced that I were better off dead, I was also a very gifted and intelligent kid. I was a straight-A student, fluent in four languages and a talented entertainer.

At 14 years old, I was forced to go see a therapist because I hadn’t been speaking in 3 years. For the first time in my life, there was a person in my life representing MY interests and I loved it. Even though my therapist didn’t exactly help me heal, she helped me survive and I am endlessly grateful for that.

After graduating from high school, I went to fashion school to study International Fashion Management. I soon realized that there is no escaping the ghosts of my past.

I needed to learn to truly heal, otherwise I’ll always bring my pain and anxiety wherever I go. 

Over the course of many years, I devoted myself to studying healing modalities like Life Coaching, Energy Medicine, Yoga and Ho’oponopono. I developed a deep passion for helping creatives, dreamers, trailblazers of all professions make their missions more powerful by teaching them the magic of deep emotional healing.

The more that we heal ourselves and release the pain of the past, the more we amplify our personal power and the bigger our impact.

What was the most effective tool you used to heal yourself? 

The most effective tool for me is trusting myself.

I grew up a pretty troubled and at the same time highly intelligent child. I was designed to stand out and to be the weird one in class. I had to learn to shrink and to keep my mouth shut, so that I would blend in.

Dimming my light and not expressing my brilliance, so that others wouldn’t feel threatened by me, has been the theme of my youth and it has caused me so much pain.

Today, I know that the best thing is to always go with what feels true to me, no matter how crazy it might look compared to what other people are doing. I fiercely follow my intuition and I trust my own judgement more than anybody else’s.

You're very in tune with your intuition. For someone who isn't, what's one way she can start flexing that muscle and trusting her inner guide?

A great place to start would be to become aware of what makes you grow more luminous and what makes you shrink.

The key here is to not overanalyze the signs of our bodies.

I hear people saying all the time that they want to be more intuitive, but what their intuition tells them to do is so crazy, so they don’t do it. This, my love is the very point.

Intuition means trusting yourself, leaning on your own inherent genius. Listen to what truly lights you up and then take this as a direct order from the Divine.

The magic doesn’t happen when we hear our inner guidance, it happens when we have the audacity to go with it. 

In your experience, why do most creatives become blocked? What's holding them back?

In my experience, what most creative people struggle the most with is fear of success and fear of being seen.

Many of us have a deep need to share our brilliance and to bring our ideas to life, but at the same time, no matter how hard we try and how many tools we learn, there is still some resistance in us. There is still a voice in us that tries to keep us from playing full out.  

Over the course of our lives, we had to learn to shrink and keep our mouths shut, so that we would blend in with the masses and so that we could stay safe in our tribes of origin. Humans are designed to live in community and we are programmed to want to fit in. This sometimes causes a conflict with our need to be seen and to self-actualize ourselves.

There is a part of us that gets really scared when we set out to realize a huge dream of ours, because this part assumes that if we stand out too much and separate ourselves from our tribe of origin, we might die because only life in community can help us survive.

This very primal instinct is at play in each one of us. It is incredibly powerful and can cause lots of resistance and unnecessary struggle, if we don’t become aware of it and learn to make moves in spite of it.

It doesn’t necessarily matter how much we want our dreams to come true and how hard we are willing to push through. Our survival instincts are powerful enough to keep us from experiencing the level of success we say we want. 

Over at The Numinous, you've penned some powerful pieces about The Holy F*ck. What is The Holy F*ck and why is it important?

Oh, yes my articles about sex on The Numinous have received quite some attention.

I wanted to write about sex because I feel like there’s hardly anybody addressing the reality of truly enlightening intercourse.

The interwebs are filled with pick-up lines, sex advice from the male perspective, unrealistic porn and photoshopped bodies. It is incredibly easy to think that we have to be able to come within 10 minutes and that vaginas have to be hairless and that sex is just physical banging.

I believe that sex can be a tool for destruction, rape is being used in a systematic way to break a woman's spirit in almost any warzone known to man, plus in every society, no matter how evolved.

In my articles, I cover basic sex 101, like, “you’re not ready unless your vagina energetically pulls in the penis” or “every time you have sex that doesn’t feel great, you are damaging the delicate nerve endings in your vagina” and so on. It is simple stuff that we all tend to forget in the daily grind and with all the crazy sex messages out there. I am so happy that my articles help shine some light on the ridiculous conversation we are having about sex.

It is my desire that people remember that sex is a beautiful, sacred experience and that we can only experience The Holy Fuck when we listen to our bodies and learn to trust our instincts. 

Best advice you've received? Given? 

The best advice I have ever received and given is to always stay curious and to never make assumptions.

There are so many more opportunities than we can see, there is so much more brilliance in every person than we can imagine, there is so much more beauty in the world than we can ever grasp. I have come to believe in the things I haven’t seen yet more than in the things I have seen.

Walking the earth with childlike wonder and curiosity is a surefire way to always have your mind blown.

Coffee, tea or green juice?  

Herbal tea and green smoothie! I’ll have a green smoothie in the morning and herbal tea throughout the day. I am pretty relaxed when it comes to food.

I believe that the best nourishment is not freaking out about nourishment.

I eat whatever I want and most of the time it’s veggies.

Any special morning routine you do to set the tone for your day? 

Yes, I start my day doing my White Light Healing Meditation.  

I love this meditation because it grounds me, cleanses my energy body and wraps me up in a layer of protective white light, so that I am all set for the day. Then, I usually have my green smoothie and I dance a little or jump on my trampoline.

Reveling in a relationship, single and loving it, or Tindering? 

I can’t believe I can actually say this: I am in a relationship with the perfect person for me. I never thought of myself as someone who was relationship material, I always thought that I was better off by myself and not attached to anyone.

Turns out, the person I am with makes me feel freer than I ever have and I feel even more like myself now that I have him. 

What can you never leave home without? 

My note book! I always learn so much when I am out and about and I need to write it down right away or else I’ll forget the nuggets of wisdom. 

The book you're currently reading is... 

I am reading the Merlin books by T.A. Barron. I love reading fiction and my favorite book is the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.


A HUGE thanks to Hanna for answering my Q's! For more from Hanna, you can follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook

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