He Wants To Love You. Let Him, Dammit.


Listen up. We women might have done ourselves a huge disservice. In all of this running around being awesome by ourselves business, we might have inadvertently made it less fun to be awesome around.

Allow me to delve a little deeper.

If you’re doing such a good job at generally being awesome in life and handling your shiz and providing everything you need for you, well, where does that leave space for your I-just-want-to-make-you-happy better half?

The man who wants to do things for you, make you feel loved and appreciated, the man who wants to provide for you.

Now, don’t get your 1950s, knickers-sized panties in a bunch. Wanting to provide for you doesn’t mean he wants to keep you barefoot and pregnant. There are much more modern, subtler and downright hot ways he can to show you how much he cares.

He wants to carry your luggage (baggage?) up the stairs. Trust me, if he didn’t want to (or at least didn’t think it was the nice, gentlemanly thing to do), he wouldn’t be asking.

He offered to help you pay for a flight to see him? He’s not saying that just to hear himself talk about losing money.

If dude wants to cook you breakfast, by damn, you better lay in bed and let him cook you breakfast.

He wants to feel needed. And why wouldn’t you like feeling adored? Or if that doesn’t get you going, why wouldn’t you want to satisfy his need for feeling needed? A little give and take is sexy, sweetheart.

If you have a hard time letting him show you the treatment you deserve, maybe it’s a-time for some self-analysis. Do you believe that you’re worthy of such treatment? Do you treat yourself with as much love, care and attention as he does? Are you comfortable with loving yourself, and by extension, comfortable with allowing yourself to be loved by your gushing guy?

What old, tired, worn-out beliefs about self worth are you holding onto? And how are those getting in the way of you truly being open and allowing that strong, confidant fella to unconditionally love his strong, (seemingly) confidant woman?

If the thought of a guy bending over backwards to make your life a little bit easier makes you want to crawl out of your skin, maybe you should start working on some self-love first.

And in the meantime, just let the man change your showerhead, for eff’s sake.