De-Puff for Your Next Round of Holiday Parties


L'Chaim, and Merry, Merry, you Yuletide revelers, you! We are in the home stretch of holiday festivities--and if you've been hitting it like we have, we're guessing your waistlines are feeling the stretch, too.

The folks over at Clarins were in the gifting spirit, however and sent us their latest from their Shaping Facial Lift series, the Wrap and the Total V Contouring Serum.

clarins shaping facial lift wrap self love formula holiday beauty

This series, which also includes an eye cream, promises an instant contouring fix quicker than it takes for us to snap, edit, filter, 'Shop, and post that festive party selfie.

self love formula clarins shaping facial lift serum holiday beauty

We hit the eggnog with a real dedication last night, and given the amount of goat-cheese-wrapped dates, candied yams, sodium-laden noshes, bottles of wine, and truffles we've consumed in the past few weeks, so we woke up extra spheric today.

(It was totally worth it and we'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. This is what they meant by moderation: A couple times a year, duh.)

Of course, we've been in the biz long enough to be skeptical of any products--or person--that claim to deliver a quick fix. But... considering our 'nog face this A.M., we figured we'd give it a shot.

The Wrap is this whipped rich cream texture that you slather all over you face and let sit for 10 minutes, a la a mask. Rinse with cold water and behold! A slimmer face. Or so they say.

In fact, after Wrap mask-ing, our skin was definitely smoother, which was welcome. And after continuing on with our regular morning routine (Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint, Cosmedicine Eye Specialist Perfected Under-Eye Cream, and a bit of Julie Hewlett Los Angeles Omit Concealer), we at least FELT like we looked like we'd been under the contouring brush.

perricone md face finishing moisturizer tint holiday beauty

We're going to file that under a plus.

eye specialist perfected cosmedicine holiday beauty self love formula

And given what we saw with the mask, we have a hunch the serum packs an even more powerful de-puffing punch.

Definitely going to add this to our weekly routine. (Water retention is a year-round struggle.)

Now if we could just stay clear of the punch bowl...