How to Be Your Own Personal Stylist


Do you ever feel like your clothes don't represent who are you are in the inside?

Have you ever looked at another woman and thought, “I really like her outfit, but I don't know if I could pull it off…”?

Or just felt like you needed a little help finding your personal style in the first place?

Ask yourself these five questions by personal stylist and BAMMIES co-founder, Rosario Chozas, to know how to get the most out of your wardrobe.

1.) What does a typical day look like for you?

This question gets to the heart of what you need to get rid of in your wardrobe. Do you only do yoga once a week, but have a ton of athletic wear? Or are you just starting off a new corporate career, but have a pile of t-shirts from your college days? It's time to get rid of anything that is just taking up space, but you never wear and fits your current lifestyle.

2.) Are you dressing for who you are today?

From now on, you have to promise to only dress your current body. Let go of what you used to look like in the past or what you hope to look like in the future. We are dressing ourselves for today. So take a couple of minutes and write down 7 parts of your body you like about yourself and 7 parts you don't. This will help you to focus on buying clothing that accentuates the parts of your body you feel good about, like rings for your hands or pumps for your calves. Plus, it's fantastic to practice some self-love. 

3.) Who do you think is beautiful and why?

Often times, we know we like a certain outfit on another women, but we don't really ask ourselves why. It's time to ask. Does she have an air of regalness about her? Do you like how she always wears bold colors? Take mental notes of what you like about another outfit to start honing in on your style preferences.

4.) How are you taking care of your clothing?

What you don’t see, you don't wear. So be honest. Is your closet a hot mess? Do you have sweaters nicely folded or cubbies for your shoes? The reason stores hang clothes all the same way is to make them more appealing to buyers. It's time to make your wardrobe appealing to you through some simple organization.

5.) Do you have basics?

A capsule collection is the first thing you need in order to create your personal style. Basics serve as a canvas upon which you add bits of your personality, like a leather jacket or a soft necklace. Without a capsule collection, you may be subjecting yourself to buying new clothes all the time in order to stay trendy. Who has the money for that?

By addressing all of these questions, you are on your way to creating the perfect wardrobe for you!