How To Make Your Valentine's Day HOT No Matter Your Relationship Status


Ah, Valentine's Day... Before you get all anxious, know this: We have 365 days a year to be celebrating lurve. Let's try not to get too stuck on just this one. Since I'm a big-picture thinker, I like to work on love--romantic love, friendly love, self-love--every damn day. I suggest you do the same.

Now. For you romantic lovebirds out there (yes, that includes you Beyonce-inspired single ladies, you can be romantic with yourself), I understand we can get all atwitter when it comes to February 14th. So, for tomorrow's microcosmic day of L-O-V-E, I've outlined a few must-dos if you're planning a night out in red, white and pink.

1) Single 

Girls' night! Sure, it's cliche, but meh, who cares? This whole "holiday" is cliche, so go big box 'o chocolates or go home, amirite? Grab all of your single girls (and your coupled friends in a fight with their sig O's), and get to painting the town pink. Why not even send each other flowers and cards at work because, what would you do without her in your life.

Other options include:

Take the day off and hit the spa. Gurl, you know you need it.

Hop on Tinder and find yourself a "date."

Just ignore the day altogether. I mean, it IS just another Friday night...[cue Katy Perry].

2) Dating but not in a relationship

Ah, where the anxiety-ridden fun begins. This includes all that anticipation of, Will I have a Valentine's? Will he do anything? Do I ask him to do something? Do I get him something??? Don't. Worry. About. It.

If this courtship is new, you should still be assessing where this man fits in your life, and if he truly possesses the qualities to fulfill your relationship needs. Worrying about whether he will send you the world's most gigantic bouquet shouldn't be a priority at this point. Unless, of course, "Buys me Valentine's Day gifts" if in your top 5 relationship non-negotiables. (Hint: It probably shouldn't be.)

Keep the courtship at the level that you've had it. Valentine's Day is not the day to try to prematurely escalate the relationship.

3) In a relationship

By now you two know each other well, and have established where V-Day falls on the scale of importance as a couple. Whether gifts are involved or not, acts of passion and sexy romance can play a huge role in making sure this night goes down smooth. He'll show you he cares, and in return, ladies, be nice. Use this day as another excuse to show your man why you chose him. Treat it like his birthday, but think man's perspective. Cook him dinner in just an apron and heels. Buy him tickets to the season's best match-up (then take him home and slip into that favorite MVP jersey of his...). Rent a helicopter ride around the city, and show up in only a trench coat. You gettin' my drift? Sounds like you're gonna be having a fab evening.

4) Married

Fuel the flames of passion! Since I'm not married, let's kick it to Aaron Anderson over at Aaron writes:

"In all honesty, from what I’ve been able to gather, the couples who continually make an effort to connect - whether it be an impromptu dancing in the rain, running an ultramarathon together, or volunteering to help inner-city kids - are the couples who share the deepest, and most profound connection."

"So, this Valentines day, rather than balking at the expensive flowers, the low quality chocolates, and the cheesy cards, why not take the opportunity to raise the bar in your relationship? On the 14th of February, celebrate your love with all the passion and energy and devotion it deserves. Then, do it again on the 15th, the 16th, and the 17th…"


5) Long Distance 

Anytime I can help out my long-distance lovers, I'm all for it. Because you all have it rough. With that in mind, thought I'd share a new little diddy that came across my radar: the Vonage Mobile app. The folks over at Vonage understand just how difficult long-distance dating can be (THANK YOU, V), so they've updated their app to include features that basically roll Face Time, Google Hangout, and a more permanent Snap Chat all into one.

You and your sweetie can download this free little gizmo and there won't be a moment not shared between you two this Valentine's Day. You call and he doesn't pick up? Fine--leave a video voice message. Just wanted to call to see his pretty face and hear his voice? Dial up a video call.

My personal fave is the virtual hangout. You know, you both watch the same movie or have dinner at your respective places miles across the country from one another, but while on a video call. You ever tried this? Don't knock it 'til you give it a whirl, it's actually kiiiind of awesome. Just make sure he sends you flowers and you bring the dessert... ahem.

Now all you need is his attention, right?... Wonder if there's an app for that.

Vonage Mobile
P.S. - I love you all. Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day!! xoxo