If Your Relationship Has These 12 Qualities, You're Golden


Any time I click on a listicle, I just scroll right past the intro and straight on to the bullet points. So let's get right to it, shall we?  


Pretty much goes without saying, but if you can't believe in what you have, you don't have it.


Unconditional love.

Ah, love. He'll spend two hours untying the knots on your jewelry. He still opens the car door for you after years of dating. He looks at you in that way... Love alone is important, sure, but when it's elevated to a kind of love holds you through anything, stands by you through anything, and loves you through anything, you're going to wonder how you managed life without it.



A relationship with the right one will just be easy. You've heard your friends who found theirs say it. You've read about it. You've perhaps imagined it. Love doesn't have to struggle or be confusing. The right relationship will make sense in every dimension.


Honesty and transparency. 

This relationship shouldn't make you question the dedication you have from your partner.



It truly is key. And with the right person, it doesn't even have to be verbal.



You don't have to be knocking boots 6 times a day like you were in the beginning. Doesn't even have to be mind-blowing. Just has to be satisfying for you both. Set the pace that works for you. But an intimate physical expression of your relationship is generally a component most deem important and necessary. Who doesn't want to feel wanted? Note: If you're asexual, this does not apply.



An essential. He stands up for you, doesn't embarrass you, doesn't leave you out to dry, doesn't try to cut you down to make himself feel better. Ever.



Of course you can cheerlead yourself. You've been doing a great job so far, and will continue to do so. It's just real nice when someone with whom you are sharing a life also joins you on the drumline with his pom pons. And you'd bend over backward to be there for him.



At yourself, at him (with reverence, obviously), together, with him at life's hardships, while being silly... It's an important way to bond, communicate and get through things together. If you can't see through to the lightheartedness of life and not sweat the small stuff together, it'd gonna be a tough ride, m'dear.



You may not agree with him, but you have to understand where he's coming from at times. And vice versa. Nothing gives you a more forgiving perspective than putting yourself in someone else's shoes.



Again, up to you to define what this commitment looks like, but without some decision made toward one another, it's just a coming and going kinda thing, not an attempt to build something together.


A future.

Doesn't matter how that future unfolds, but it involves personal growth, goals and shared memories.