She's Using the Power of Words to Make a Dent


Happy Monday, people! Remember last week when I told you I'd have a follow-up to Friday's Q&A with Alissa Trumbull?

Well, I wasn't lying. Presenting the lovely Jade Phillips.

Refresher: Jade is the other have of #BizGalz, a weekly Twitter chat that tackles the issues in career and life no one is talking about, but ones women are dying to know and understand deeper. Such things as how to effectively use social media to land a J-O-B, what it's really like doing PR, and how women actually need to be supported in their career. It's good stuff.

And it happens all on Twitter, every Monday, at 12pm CST.

In fact, you can catch me on today's #BizGalz! We'll be talking about how critical self-attention is while nurturing your dream goals. Just head over to @BizGalz on Twitter at 12pm CST/1pm EST and join the convo.

In addition to leading thought-provoking conversations on Twitter, Jade pens her blog The Life of a Working Girl, where she write about marketing, social media, branding and lifestyle. Go bookmark it now.

I’m your everyday working girl, trying to live the life that I was born to lead. I’m many things: an optimist, social media geek, athlete & serious foodie (seriously… I spend far too much time baking). Not to mention, a city girl!

They say that one of the only constant in the world is change. But, to me, there’s another.


From the pages in a book to podcasts & presentations, words are an amazing form of expression. They allow us to share our thoughts, our passions, and knowledge. Words empower.

As prep, let's get to know our co-host a bit more, shall we? Take it away, Jade!

Generally, great things start from a personal journey or need. Was there a life experience you had that prompted the creation of BizGalz?

I love Twitter chats and had been participating in them for a few months when I noticed that (while there were so many amazing online communities) there wasn't a place for women to come together and support each other or learn from each other. So, I contacted a few other really active women in the community, Alissa and I were on exactly the same page, then BizGalz was born!

What did you set out to create when you started BizGalz?

I wanted to create a place where women could come together and feel comfortable with sharing their experiences. It's so vital for women to support and help guide each other - from the realm of business to life challenges (especially if we truly want to fight for equality). It was important to me to make sure that women in all stages of life felt at home.

When did you know you were really on to something great?

When people kept coming back each week. Knowing that what we do is genuinely helping and motivating others is the best feeling.

What's a lesson that you've learned from one of your interviews that really stuck with you?

I've learned that difficult issues should be spoken about so that people can be educated and interact with those that they can relate to. From body image to sexual harassment, we should all make a conscious effort to openly speak about these things without feeling uncomfortable.

You've been running your own blog for a year. Congrats! For those out there who want to start writing, what have been some successful ways you've found clients?

Social media (twitter chats especially) has helped me greatly. It's provided me with a place to share my work and engage with people on a regular basis. Once you begin to build relationships with others, they naturally think of you when there's a project! I'd also say - don't be afraid to out yourself out there! Reach out to people if you're interested in collaborating or guest writing.

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Outside of BizGalz and my work in marketing, I'm an athlete. I'm really happy to be injury free and I'm looking forward to 3 week training camp with my group in April. It's pretty cold in London at the moment so we're flying to Europe to train in some heat!

Coffee, tea or green juice?

Haha, I'm more of a herbal tea girl! Love the smell of coffee (but as a sweet tooth... I can't take the bitter taste!). Being an athlete also means that I strive to eat well (I mean... The odd chocolate bar or cookie doesn't hurt). It's so easy to undo all of the hard work done on the track or in the gym by if I slip up on my diet, so I try to cook all of my meals. I don't believe in eliminating anything completely - it's about being balanced and mindful.

The book I'm currently reading is...

I'm currently re reading 'Reinventing Organisations'. It explains how businesses have been run historically/traditionally and explores what the next generation of businesses and leaders will be doing. I highly recommend!


A HUGE thank you to Jade for answering my Q's! For more from Jade, you can follower her on Twitter and LinkedIn, and follow #BizGalz on Twitter

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