Lady Bits from Around the Web: Lena Dunham Sits with Hillary Clinton (And Our Heads Explode) | Pop Stars Sing Positive | MAC Joins the Real Beauty Bandwagon


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  • Yesterday, Lenny, the intellectually curious and feminist-leaning newsletter put on by the one Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner (aka the geniuses behind Girls), went out with a worth-the-13-minute-read Q&A between Lena and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And then our mind exploded. Lena got Hilz to talk about her time at college during the Civil Rights movement, her experience with the quarter-life struggle we all go through, the concern about potentially losing her self and her career ambitions in her impending marriage, the definition of feminism (hint: it's not man-hating), student debt, police brutality, and a delightful volley at the end about Hillary's famous cold-shoulder Donna Karan fashion moment. Plus, there were some seriously good #tbt fodder thrown in. All in all, seems like Hillary is a pretty down-ass chick, as they say. Which to us signifies the opposite of an emotionless robot. If you're not already subscribed to Lenny, click here and do so ASAP, and you'll be able to read the full interview. And here's a video snippet, twee!



  • Last Saturday at the Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, Canadian pop singer Alessia Cara debuted her "self-love anthem," as Vibe called it, "Scars To Your Beautiful," with lyrics encouraging young women (and men, as Cara hopes they relate, too) to accept themselves for who they are and not buy into the could's and should's of society's pressures of female image and behavior. A video of her performance hit the interwebz yesterday, and shows the 19-year-old delivering an empowering message before she ignited those smooth vocal chords of hers. Point for pop stars like Cara and Haliee Steinfeld ("Love Myself") for continuing to move the music needle towards the lady-positive zone.



  • Here's gender quality advocate Emma Watson in her latest observation of sexism in Hollywood, in which she says that some of the most feminist people she's worked with have been men (win!). This is perhaps informed her HeForShe gender quality solidarity campaign she's championing with the U.N.
  • MAC cosmetics has launched a new campaign for it's fall collection, MACnificent Me where they chose six real-women models to debut their latest shades. Peep winner Luzmaria's emotional story, and then peep THAT FACE SHE'S GIVING THE CAMERA. Get it, gurl.