Lady Bits From The Web: Why Acroyoga Is Saving My Dating Life | Channing Tatum Gets Wet For Vanity Fair | And More


On Love: One of our girlfriends penned this gem over at Racked Miami on how acroyoga (have you tried this yet?) is opening her up to new relationship possibilities. If anyone out there is struggling with feeling stuck in a relationship or dating rut, this is a must-read. And then a must-practice.

All Eyes On:

Pro-lady comedienne Amy Schumer, who's gotten a ton of attention as of late (especially after turning down "The Daily Show"), talks about her upcoming movie, Trainwreck, with her usual and refreshing DGAF attitude.

Eye Candy:

For this month's Vanity Fair, Channing Tatum gets wet; gets real about parenting ("I think every parent has that moment when they're like, 'Oh, maybe this was a bad idea...'"); and makes dreams come true as he reprises his stripperific role for Magic Mike XXL.

Role Models:

See how the founders of The Skimm (the only way we can keep up with world news without clawing our eyes out), Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, built a multimillion-dollar business and an email subscriber base of 1.5 million and growing.