Lady Bits: Hollywood's New Wage Equality Law | The Gals of Ghostbusters | Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Is Back | J Law, Drunk and Disappointed


All the feminista news that's fit to tweet (and then some).

  • The lady-bit loving homies are holding it down on the West Coast. In California, there's a new wage equality law going into effect on Friday that has supporters like Patricia Arquette (an ardent advocate for equal pay for women in all workplaces) saying a change is gonna come in Hollywood. The plot thickens.

  • Itching for a look at the all-female-lead remake of 'Ghostbusters'? Here's your sneak peak.

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is baaaaaack! (Ok, so she's not back yet, but she's getting close.)

  • If Jennifer Lawrence wrote her memoirs, it would be titled "Drunk and Disappointed." That is also the synopsis of her New Year's plans. And this is why we love her.

  • This woman and her rainbow hair continue the fight for transparency in social media. And are making it look pretty.

  • Carrie Fisher has a few choice words for agist body shamers. (That's General Leia to you, sirs.)