Listen To This Unique Life and Career Advice from Online Business Expert Rachel Rofé


With multiple books that have hit bestseller status, a plethora of information products, a podcast, international speaking gigs, a dedicated following, and more, Rachel Rofé ( is a leading entrepreneur in online marketing and business, and lives to share her actionable and easy tips for winning at life and career. She produces a TON of invaluable content -- think "How to publish a book" or "27 ways to repurpose your podcast or blog post content" for you content creators out there. Add to that info products that break down the process behind launching a wildly successful podcast, increasing Kindle book sales, and personal transformation, and there's basically no marketing avenue you couldn't master after spending some time scrolling around Rachel's site.

It's no wonder Rachel's been featured in Entrepreneur, Fox News, Huffington Post, CNN, and Women's World...

I mean, we could be here all day talking about all the wins Rachel has experienced in her life (and learn from them all, too). So, naturally, I wanted to see what goes on behind the curtain at Rachel Rofé enterprises, and what useful knowledge we could all glean.

Happily, I got the chance to ask the newly 33-year-old (happy belated birthday, Rachel!) mastermind about about her unique start to her mega-successful online business, why taking action isn't enough, and why bragging is essential. Click on the podcast above to hear the brilliance that she shared with us (below, I've also included the questions and some highlights).


Business owner, author of 50+ books, international speaker, creator of 30+ info products, podcast host... The list of your impressive accomplishments goes on. Going back to the beginning, how did you get started?

From working at Walmart to writing best-selling books... Rachel shares how a Craiglist ad shifted the direction of her career.

What would you say is the key to your success?

"It's about focused action."

Where did you develop this confidence to create a career you loved?

Her desire for freedom trumped the uncertainty of entrepreneurship: "The idea of having to ask someone for a day off, in my life, just seemed ridiculous to me."

You have a wonderful Monthly Brags column where you share your most recent accomplishments and wins, and encourage others to do the same. What's the meaning behind this?

"It's so easy to beat ourselves up. The idea of bragging, it's fun to [...] really take the time to digest the good things that have happened."

Why is getting outside of one's comfort zone important & what advice do you have for someone who is letting that particular fear keep them from doing what they love?

On the benefits of challenge: "If you don't change what you're doing, then you're never going to be anywhere different."

How do you balance the passion you have for your relationship with your boyfriend with the passion you have for your business and career?

She talks about her smart strategies that apply to her business and personal lives so she can be present for both.

How do you get going in the mornings?

Smoothies and accountability power hours with her friends are the ticket to productivity. LOVE this, and will be implementing immediately in my life.

What can you never leave home without?

Hers is the answer of a truly adventurous spirit.


A HUGE thanks to Rachel for answering my Q’s! For more from Rachel, you can visit her site and follow her on TwitterInstagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook