Love Is A Waiting Game


We’ve talked about how timing is everything and how you can’t force a relationship.

The takeaway of all of this is that it’ll happen when it happens. Might not sound like much—trust me, I wish I had a truelove algorithm for you—but it. is. everything.

Because whether you like it or not, love is a waiting game. (But you should like it! It’s working out in your favor, know this!) and the sooner you get on board, the easier this gets for everyone involved. Fact.

In the meantime, there are things you can be doing to prepare yourself and give yourself the best shot at welcoming that much-yearned-for partner into your life. There’s work to be done, wounds to heal, experiences to live, mistakes to make and failures to weather. It’s not solely up to the Universe/God/Buddah/Fate/Source/Whatever Wets Your Whistle.

Gotta put in the werk, gurl.

Because when you meet him…

It will feel like every moment of every day of every year of every decade of your life will have led up to your meeting.

You’ll want to be with him all the time. Because, otherwise, something feels void/missing/off.

You’ll feel like you’ve come home.

He’ll make you want to be a better person.

You'll know you would accomplish more in this lifetime with him than you would without him.

You'll be fully yourself and fully awake when you’re with him.

You’ll feel as if you are living in all of your potential when you’re around him.

You will understand love. You’ll finally get what everyone else is talking about.

You’ll wonder if anyone else has ever felt this way.

And then, if you’ve upheld your end of the destiny deal, it’ll work. The timing will be right and he will be where he needs to be and you will be where you need to be and it will click. Huzzah!

But every once in a while (read: ALL. THE. TIME.), this experience comes a bit too early and it won’t fit. And it will leave you in a super-fun state of devastation and heartbreak and you’ll spend too much time and energy trying to figure out why on God’s green EARTH something like this would happen to anyone, much less you.

Well, here’s what I know:

If you two got together now, it would be AWFUL. Take solace in that. It would absolutely shred you, more than you’re feeling now. Because it wouldn’t work. It would be addicting. You know, in a bad way. It would be painful trying to fit two people who love each other deeply on a level they themselves probably don’t understand, but emotionally and mentally aren’t ready to submit themselves to that intensity of unconditional love, vulnerability and true intimacy. It would implode and you would get burned something fierce. Yowza.

A rull messy round-peg-in-a-square-hole kinda situation.

Which brings us back to: Love is a waiting game.

The good news is, if this is it, it will come back around at the perfect time, when you are both ready to actually give it a fair shake.

So just ride that what-if wave and wait it out.

You’ve got plenty on your plate right now anyway. Look at you, being all busy killing it in the game of life and whatnot.