Love Is Real, People. And Easy. If It's Not Easy, You're Doing It Wrong.


Love is real, people. And easy. So, so good and easy. Because he's not the one who can't commit.

He's not the one who doesn't know if he wants a relationship. Or doesn't know where your relationship is going. Or can't tell you what a future looks like with you.

He's not the one you can't trust.

He's not the one that makes you feel crazy.

He's not the Mr. Big who is afraid of what you could reveal to him about himself.

He's not the one who hits you, or the one who belittles you, or who makes you feel small.

He's not the one that makes you clean up his mess.

He's not the one that takes and gives nothing in return.

You're not one in his lineup of many.

You're the one. For him. Without question. It's simple. A matter of fact.

And he will tell you as much.

He says yes to you, to everything about you.

He wants to know every part of you, the good and the bad.

He doesn't cause you worry, or make you question where you stand.

He fits. Vaccum-sealed. Insta-grip. Perfectly matched like a puzzle piece. Not one that was missing. But like one who gets you. The one that was missing stays gone. He was never able to complete you anyway. And without him you found completion on your own.

He sees his life with you and he puts you in it. Immediately. And you do the same for him.

Because he makes sense.

He's not boring, or dramatic, or stale, or temperamental.

He's not childish or impish or narcissistic or manipulative.

He's a man. Your equal. He's as powerful as you are. And he honors your strength.

He's consistent.

He's there.

And he loves being there, right where you are, or where you will be, in case you need him when you arrive.

If he can steal 30 seconds of your time, his day is made. 30 seconds. That's all it takes. That's all he takes.

The rest of the time he gives.

He wants to give, he loves to give, he yearns to give. Because you stir something inside him that makes him want to be better. For you. And for himself.

Because that is love.

And if you haven't found that, it's not it. So wait. Wait for as long as it takes. It's worth it.