This Femtrepreneur Is Rocking The Hell Out of Her Online Business That Helps You Do the Same


Every once in a while, if you’re lucky, you’ll meet an individual who lives her life with directional passion and unapologetic fervor.

The general reverence this person has for her own desires is so enthralling that you can’t help but lean over to her table and exclaim, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

So it is with Mariah Coz.

To visit Mariah Coz’s website is to open yourself up to infinite possibilities that you are allowed, encouraged and motivated to enjoy and hustle your way through.

Because that’s what Mariah is here to do.

I’m not here to help you find your “sparkle" or your "innermost true self", but I can help you cut through the bullshit and create a real business that you are f*cking excited about every day.

I’m going to assume you already know you are pretty awesome, I’m here to give your ray gun of energy and expertise a target to hit so you can be your own boss ASAP. - Mariah Coz,

No complaints here.

After all, she’s a living example. Touring punk rock band member, museum exhibit curator, nomadic home builder, inspired speaker, teacher, online business badass… These are just a few of the hats Mariah has worn over the years.

I chatted with Mariah about the importance of authenticity, working hard without a routine, and what we’re all doing wrong when it comes to blog monetization.


What did you set out to create when you started Femtrepreneur?

When I started Femtrepreneur, it was because I didn't really feel like I had anyone to look up to that was doing business in a cool way.

I'm not really into idols and I'm not big into looking at other businesses for inspo of your own, but it felt like everyone just was the same and it was SO BORING.

And then everyone was giving the same tired old regurgitated 5-years-ago advice (I call it the blog vomit), and I was so frustrated because the same 10 people just keep saying the same top 10 tips. Blech.

So I decided that the stuff in my business was worth sharing, things like figuring out how to set up my businesses so they were more passive, and working with joint venture partners in this big way (which no one was talking about). I had run 7 other profitable businesses in all different niches before I started talking about it on Femtrepreneur, and it became my outlet for talking shop with people doing the biz stuff.

Who in your life inspired you to be the powerful, radical, rule-breaking Femtreprenuer you are today?

Debbie Harry, Kate Pearson, and Poison Ivy. All my role models are rock stars.

I've been in a touring punk band since I was 13 and I think I wanted to bring some of that to the online business world. Everything I know about selling, joint ventures, doing webinars, and just being confident I learned from being in a band. It's all the same principles really - the marketing, the giving value and then making the sale, the revenue streams, collaborations.

You clearly have garnered stellar online business success in a short time period. How did you set yourself apart from the rest to make this happen?

I think having a strong opinion on something, not just for the sake of being controversial, but because you really have this strong thing to say and something valuable to add that isn't being said yet.

So many people just try to put themselves out there as a watered down version of something or someone else. They think that's what will make them successful. Then everyone can tell they aren't being themselves and no one wants to listen to them.

When I started Femtrepreneur, I set this mantra for the standards we were going to have:

"Our free content is going to be better than ANYONE else's paid content, and our paid content is just going to melt minds."

That's what we've done and that's why we stood out quickly and gained traction fast because that quality and high standard gets noticed. It's really hard work and the reason 99% of people won't do it is because it is so damn hard.

That and webinars. Webinars are the shit and helped people hear my voice - like my actual voice - and that really helps. 

I love that you're honest about the nitty gritty that goes into building a biz - thank you for that! While trudging through all those moments in the beginning, was there one particular win that stood out and made you think "Yup, I'm on to something here"?

Hmm, this is a really good question. I think it was that first webinar I ever did. I was SO anxious and just like 100% convinced that nobody would come and that I would mess up the tech stuff and ruin everything.

But 300 people watched live that day (what!) and I made $3500 in one hour, and was like "holy shit!" because that was the first webinar and the first time I made money off of the Femtrepreneur site specifically. It really changed the trajectory of the whole year.

What's the number one thing we're all doing wrong when we try to monetize our sites/blogs?

Two things, actually: Trying to be a one-stop shop and trying to offer all the things. People who try to be a "one stop shop" have no idea what they're doing. You can't do EVERYTHING well. You're just not good at EVERYTHING. And nobody wants some vague, blob of an idea. They want SPECIFIC HELP reaching SPECIFIC RESULTS. You're much better off selling ONE course on how to create Instagram flat lays than trying to sell 20 courses covering EVERYTHING in your niche.

And then people try to offer too many types of things. They want an eBook, and a course, and a coaching package, and a service, and a this and a that. Pick one. Master it. Then you can add more to your plate. Only once that first thing is in it's most efficient and profitable form can you add another thing.

What has been the best advice about online business building that you've received so far and who shared it with you?

I am SO bad at taking advice. But my friend Maya Elious gives me all the best advice nonetheless. She helped me understand my "personal brand" when I had no idea what that was. She's helped me write so many emails that otherwise would have burned so many bridges. She talks me down when I'm freaking out. Sometimes she just tells me what I want to hear and that's nice too :)

But she's full of really good advice and I'm really glad she's my friend. What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Looking forward to meeting more of these babes I meet online in real life. Whenever I meet a person in real life it's like the BEST thing ever. It cements the bond. It makes things SO FUN and just takes it to the next level. I'm on a mission to give more of these internet babes some real life hugs. 

Coffee, tea or green juice?

Coffee and yerba mate. Alternating between the two throughout the day. But yeah obviously I need a lot of caffeine to get all this shit done :) I'm not really into routines or like I don't have some secret formula. I just wake up whenever and then get it done! 

Reveling in a relationship, single and loving it, or Tindering? 

I've been with my partner for 7 years and we have been running all of these businesses together, but he's very behind the scenes. It's a good combination, he likes being behind the scenes making things and I like being "on stage".

I don't know how anyone does this business thing alone without someone to talk to, because there's so much stress that happens and I really look to him for support and advice. 


A GIGANTIC thanks to Mariah for answering my Q’s! For more from Mariah, you can follow her on Twitter, AND be SURE to check out all her ah-may-zing freebies. Seriously, they're damn good:

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