MAXIM Magazine Reveals Its Women's Swimwear - And We Love It


Remember when we told you about how we were maybe, possibly, with all the hope in the world looking forward to the new developments of Maxim magazine now that new editor-in-chief Kate Lanphear was at the helm? Well, we may still be in the honeymoon phase, but we're pretty sure the other shoe is going to drop anyyy minute now. The August cover of the pub isn't too much of a departure from what we're used to seeing from this title, although it's definitely more artful, in a sense.

[Sidebar: This cover doesn't look much different that what you'll find in a women's magazine, many of which are also helmed by women, which begs the question, Are these men's true ideals? Or is this what women THINK are their ideals and we're desperately trying to satisfy that? Are we listening to what men really want? And, if not, why are women perpetuating this image if its so unattainable for most? Yes, this is really what I do instead of go on Pinterest. I think about this stuff. Yes, I lead a complicated existence.]

BUT, they just released their first-ever women's swimwear collection and I'M IN LOVE. So many LBS's (Little Black Swimsuits) that are flattering and comfy-looking and chic and would-be staples to any wardrobe. Plus, Lanphear definitely nailed feminine (rustic, romantic florals, anyone? Brigitte Bardot-esque bustiers?) and that whole natural beauty thing. And, you know you'd feel totally sexy in one of these things. Don't you just want to live in all of these pieces? Maybe stroll down a beach in St. Tropez, or pick wildflowers along the side of a winding road up and down the coast of Italy? No? Just me? Sign me up.

So, I'm torn. From the looks of her debut swim collection, she gets the celebration of women's natural beauty and being comfortable in one's own skin. Let's see if she can honor that within the pages of her magazine. The saga continues...


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