Model (and Miss USA 2014 Runner-Up) Audra Mari Gives Zero Effs About Being Perfect


Here in Miami, we are about two weeks out from the annual Swim Week, which is the closest thing we come to Fashion Week. Last night, CBS's local Miami station did a wee preview of what's to come this swim season, by way of regional pub, Ocean Drive magazine. You've heard me talk about this mag before, like here and here, and the time when this happened and then there was this amazingness. CBS called me on air to talk trends, lingerie-inspired looks, global prints and embellishments, and so on, so alongside the Martha Hunt footage, you'll see me in this segment, trying not to schvitz all my makeup off.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY, my new model of the moment, Audra Mari, who was shot for the magazine's annual swim guide insert, gets real about her real (killer) body and why she's not obsessed about being the perfect size.

Apparently, at a size 4, she's considered "big" in the industry, which dictates a lot of her bookings. Give it a watch to hear what she has to say.

With the recent shifts in the modeling industry surrounding body empowerment and awareness, Audra's comments and attitude are apropos. And commendable.

One other thing I'd like to point out. Audra reminds us that there's "always photoshop" and she's dead on. There is literally ALWAYS photoshop. Unless a publication is blatantly telling you its photos are unretouched (and even then sometimes you have to make your own conclusions), the photo has been altered in some way. You can essentially guarantee that it is not real. Same goes for social media (ahem, INSTAGRAM, cough, cough). Don't drink the Koolaid, kids.