16 Things NOT To Do In 2016


We're not gonna sit here and teach you how to make goals for the new year.

There's plenty of that circulating already. You can sort out your whole goal-making life here, or reflect on how 2015 was for you and how to make 2016 better here, or if you have trouble sticking to your goals, there's an app for that.

Instead, here's a quick 'n dirty list of things you should probably avoid in the coming 12 months.

Because you worked so hard at being your awesome self this year. Would hate for all that to go to waste.

In fact, we're pretty sure 2016 is the year to activate it even more. Here's how.

Don't take another 3 years to do what you want. Do it in like 2 weeks, how about?

Don't say yes to things you want to say no to.

Don't say no out of fear. (Also known as, don't make excuses.)

Don't make "on fleek" a thing for another 365 days. Please.

Don't care about what other random people who are not in your inner circle think, or that you're responsible for how they feel.

Don't overthink about it. If it's what you want, great, if not, great.

Don't feel like you HAVE to swipe right.

Don't judge yourself for not wanting what you don't want.

Don't worry about being overdressed. You'll be the best looking one in the room.

Don't feel like you have to make him feel better about not getting laid. That's what right hands were made for.

Don't waste your time trying to Google your way to an answer. You already know it.

Don't Om in class if don't want to.

Don't subscribe to basic.

Don't wait for someone else to give you permission.

Don't play small.

Don't not ask the important questions.

Cheers to a great year!