New Year, New... NOPE


Happy 2016, ya'll.

Here's to another year of getting sh*t done.

However, New Year's isn't always the most opportune time to start anew. There are 364 other days in the year in which launching, revamping, and growing are good. Better, even.

That being said, I AM taking this opportunity to introduce to you OUR NEW VIDEO series. WOOT!

And in today's video, I'm talking to you about year-round resolutions.

But more about this filming thing... You'll be hearing (ha!) more from me via videos--we're talking interviews, quick hits of what my producer likes to consider my gems of wisdom, general thoughts, and--one I'm REALLY excited about--a talk show of sorts. YES! A talk show. Details to come.

Eeeeeee! Get excited. I am.

The goal is to have a new vid for you to watch every other week, but we'll see how that goes. I'm so freakin' pumped about this that I may get ahead of myself and start throwing 'em up every week. Let's see how this plays out. (Ha, no pun intended. Seriously. I'm not that sharp 2 Champs in.)

ANYWHO. Enough of my rambling. CLICK PLAY ALREADY!

P.S. The jams in this video are brought to you by Baby Shakes. The track is entitled "Ooh La Love."