Make These 7 Online Dating Profile Updates to Date Better on Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about bagging that date.

Dating goals work similarly to career goals: You determine what you want, then break down that larger goal into actionable steps. Goal 1: Date smarter and better. Step 1: Revamp your online dating profile to attract who you truly want.

These days, one in three people now finds love online. So, your odds of finding goal-satisfying dates are great.

Your online profile is really your dating CV and here at city dating site, we know what it takes to make you stand out from the crowd.

Here, our 7 top online dating profile updates to make to date better.

Your ABC’s.

It helps of your username begins with a letter in the first half of the alphabet. Why? Studies have proved that in our minds, people file A, B, C letters at the top of the pile in terms of importance!

Picture perfect.

There’s no doubt that how you look in your profile pic is probably what hooks a potential date. We all have a certain “type” we go for but sometimes, a certain look, feature or expression will break the most rigorous of type preferences, so make those photos count.

Get some more recent snaps up. There is no point putting up a pic of you 10 years ago in a bikini. They will be meeting the current you, remember? In fact, ditch any half-naked photos in favour of meaningful poses.

And no duck faces or fish-gapes. We suggest a modest but alluring smile and let your eyes do the talking.

Have a photo of you in Africa with a cute lion cub or volunteering to build an orphanage? Pop them up instead, so potential dates can see the whole picture of you. They’ll be conversation points, too.

Keep it current.

As well as photos, keep updating your profile regularly with relevant and interesting information about yourself. Have you recently taken up a new or crazy hobby, for example? An update will keep you in newbie status, it’ll keep that profile fresh, and, maybe someone who passed over your profile last time will be attracted to something new this time…?

Be proactive.

Like most things in life, the more effort you put into achieving something, the more likely it is that you are going to get it. Dating is a numbers game—the more people you chat to, the more likely it is that you are going to talk to someone you really click with. The more dates you go on, the nearer you’re going to be to meeting ‘the one.’ Send more messages, wink at more members and generally be more proactive. Too busy with work? Listen up. Love will change your life more than any job will… 

Tick the wrong boxes.

Say ‘yes’ to someone you’d normally say no to. Yep, really. Say you’ve been online dating for a bit and nobody is ticking those boxes, it’s time to look outside of your ‘checklist’ and relax the look/job/height/hobby rules slightly. Date a guy with longer hair beard when you normally go for short back and side types. Choose a guy that loves Bob Dylan when you love Bieber. Say ‘yes’ to at least one person who ticks the ‘wrong’ boxes on their profile. You might be pleasantly surprised… If he makes you feel AMAZING, does it really matter that he collects stamps in his free time?

Be human. 

Popular singles on dating sites get several messages a day asking them out, so avoid the old clichés in your profile narrative. “I have a zest for life,” “I love life,” “I have a great sense of humour.” Yawn.

A recent study showed singles are attracted to a hint of vulnerability. “Ok, I’ve never done this before but here goes…” Go for a positive, friendly, modest narrative that says, "I’m approachable." Don’t talk politics; don’t brag about material things such as designer handbags, luxury holidays and fast cars. It suggests you are shallow.

Try mentioning the places you’d still like to visit, things you’d still like to do and what gives you goose bumps. Obviously keep it under 300 words or people won’t even bother reading it.

Hook, line and sinker.

When it comes to writing messages to other daters, give the subject an interesting hook; use statements or intriguing questions that tweak curiosity and make it clear you have read their profile by picking up on something they said. This will make them read and open the message and hopefully get in touch!

Lastly, remember: Dating is supposed to be fun. Stay relaxed, happy and upbeat and you will have fun and attract fun people. Let your personality shine through, and always be your very best YOU!

Good luck!

Do you have any other profile and online dating tips to share with each other? Tell us @lovestruck